Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Talking About Nothing (My Random Post of the Week)

I volunteered to help with the Book Fair at the girls' school today. My job was manning the cash register. It's not my favorite job, and it's all because I have a tender heart. When kids come up with a book they want to buy and don't have enough money to buy it, it just crushes me. Such was the case today. A kid walked up with one of the biggest, and most expensive books for sale and proudly said, "I'm going to buy this!" I asked him if he brought his money and he said yes. I took the book and scanned it in and told him that would be $21.48. And he started counting his dimes. He had 21 of them. Thankfully the librarian saw what was happening and came over and handled his little heart with great care. He had big 'ole tears in his eyes and I did too. It was heartbreaking. I wanted so badly to buy it for him!

Sarah got in the van a couple of weeks ago after school and said, "Mom, I think I have a cavity". I took a look and sure enough...she did. A big one. Big enough that that I could see the hole! It is her first, and hopefully, her last cavity. Our dentist filled it for her this afternoon and the first thing she asked me for after the numbness wore off was a piece of Halloween candy. Of course.

Speaking of Halloween candy...we have TONS right now but it's mostly chocolate so I'm not tempted by it. That's because I already ate all of their hot tamales and bit-o-honey. Love those two kinds!

I was disappointed in some of the election results from yesterday...especially some of the local issues. One issue in particular regarding our school district did not pass, and everyone I saw at school today was pretty glum about it. It's probably going to mean that some of the best teachers in our district lose their jobs and some programs will be cut. Most of the ballot issues that involved a tax increase of any kind were voted down and I suppose it's a direct result of the state of our economy. It's depressing all the way around.

I got the new Get Smart movie from today. I can't wait to watch it tonight. I hope it's funny because I really want to laugh!

Did you realize that Thanksgiving just three weeks from tomorrow? Three weeks??? That means that in about three weeks I'm going to be pulling out my Christmas decorations. Where has the year gone???


Brenda said...

Hi Mer, I was disappointed at the presidential outcome, but fortunately for our town anyway they passed all of the props we were for, especially the one for marriage between one Man and one Woman. Yay! Flagstaff was a test city on this prop.
I'm excited for Thanksgiving. We usually spend it with friends or extended family, but this year we decided to just have a nice quiet one at home. And maybe go to the show in the afternoon.
Last one in Flagstaff! Yay again.
God bless,
Brenda :)

Holly said...

Three weeks?? Oh my.

Life slow down, please.

And I wish I could have bought that little boy a book :0( You have such a big heart!

Pencil me in for some Christmas-time something, will you? Coffee, shopping, lunch, dinner...I don't care. I'd really just like to see you and visit!

Amber said...

I don't know how you kept from buying that big ole book for that little sweetie. Oh my precious.

3 weeks....I have to figure out how to cook a turkey...pronto.

Tiffani said...

okay. lots to say:

*I SOO remember those days teaching my elementary kids and the book girl in 2nd grade I taught used to run back in (her mom left her with big sis for about 10 min. each morning while waiting for the bus) and throw random food in her lunchbox and then stashed her lunch money and ended up with like 20-something dollars at the book fair!!! She was cracking me up--other kids were like "Shelby bought me this book"--that's when I had to investigate!!

*I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bit-o-Honey and never get them...

*not tempted by chocolate??? I wanna be you!

*Hope Get Smart is funny...I'm having my funny movie from tomorrow night with Baby Mama.


Jennifer said...

I was just thinking that Thanksgiving was approaching quickly. It's amazing that time is flying by so fast. I just saw an ad on TV for Aldi (new supermarket in town) that they have turkey's for $8.99! Woo Hoo, maybe I'll get two of them.......I love just making one to make one.

I want to see Get Smart too. I remember it from the days on TV. I also want to see the new movie with Reese Witherspoon.....4 Christmas'?

Have a great week!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Your rambly posts are always entertaining! I would have wanted to buy that little boy a book, too.

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

I'm eager to hear how the movie is... I hope it's good!

You used the word "glum", and I really like that word.

That is all.

Kecia said...

It's really hard to believe we're 3 weeks away from Thanksgiving when it's 80 degrees outside. ;)
I love your Ark. pictures--so glad you got to see the game we actually won!

Gretchen said...

I'm so ready for Thanksgiving. How can we not love a holiday about food and thankfulness?!!! No division. No mean commercials. Yep...ready for Turkey Day. Now. Especially ready for the Tuesday before Turkey Day. ;)

Jackie said...

Oh, that sweet little boy...I would hate being the cashier for that very reason, too. I am such a softie. :)

Christmas decor in...3 weeks? Really? I guess you're right. I am so excited, it is one of the highlights of my year.

Puva said...

My exams begin 2 weeks later!! Good God!

Megan L Hutchings said...

The story about the little boy just broke my heart! They think in such big terms ;).

I am so excited about Thanksgiving...YAY!

JJ Kimmel said...

I love that your heart was touched by an encounter like that with a little boy. You may ME want to hunt him down and buy him that book!

We rented Get Smart last night too! Planning to watch it tonight....we'll have to compare notes.

Jacquie said...

I've missed your blog... my Reader keeps giving me that blasted error and won't update when you post!! Ugh.

Anyway, catching up on your posts today.

I felt so sorry for that little boy and his 21 dimes!!

Let us know about the Get Smart movie... I loved the TV show (I'm old enough to remember it!).

Unknown said...

so was it good?

You don't like chocolate??!!

Holly said...

I think I was driving behind you today around 1:30 near my home. But I couldn't get a good look. And I'm not so good with remembering vehicles :)

Even so, hope you had a great day!

*carrie* said...

I've been craving fruity candy, so already devoured Nathan's Starbursts and Laffy Taffy. =)

I can't believe Thanksgiving is so close--though with our first snow today, it feels more like the season!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

Just catching up on my blog reading! So glad you warned me about the book fair. We're having one at our school in a few weeks and I now know what position I do not want to work. I would not have been able to stand the tears either! That breaks my heart!

Jenn said...

M. is buying his books at the book fair tomorrow. This year we are giving him cash to pick out his books. The past 3 years we would choose them from the flyer and give him the exact amount. That story made me SO sad. I read it to Jeremy he was hearbroken for the little guy. :o(

We are putting up our Christmas stuff this weekend because the weekend of Thanksgiving is going to be busy. But I have a firm rule that the lights do not come on until the Friday after Thanksgiving! :o)