Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Rash Decision...

I decided just a minute ago that I need to unplug today.

Most of you know that I've been doing this one day a week since the first of the year. I want to make a bold claim and tell you that it's changed my life but that might be exaggerating a bit. It has made a big difference in my level of productivity around the house though. 

Today marks the end of a four-day weekend for us. It's been wonderful but all that sleeping in and napping and lazing around in my pjs has done nothing for my house--it definitely needs some attention today. I also need to do this. And do some planning for Brownies. And I have a date with my treadmill later too. My to-do list is getting longer by the minute.

Before I unplug though, here are a few things that aren't quite worthy of an entire post but that I want to mention.

My cousin had a baby! I'm so happy for them. She's not my first cousin to have a baby, so I don't know why I'm making such a big deal out of it. Maybe it's because I got to see her pregnant when we were at the Razorback game in Arkansas last fall. Maybe it's because she's a special cousin (one of the few girl cousins I have), or maybe it's because she had a baby boy very close to the time of year that I had a boy. Anyway, I'm just thrilled for them!

John and I watched Nights in Rodanthe last night. I've decided I hate Nicholas Sparks because his books and movies make me cry the ugly cry. Man, I didn't see that ending coming. If you watch it...have some tissues handy.

I spent some time this weekend planning some family activities for Lent. It begins next week on Ash Wednesday! It's easy to focus on Holy Week, but this year I want our family to stay focused during the entire season. I'll share some of what I've got planned in the days ahead.

And I'm STILL working on that follow-up post to authenticity. I worked on it Sunday and Monday, but my thoughts are still so jumbled. Maybe today as I'm cleaning I can get it all sorted out!

Hope you have a great Tuesday. 


Melissa said...

Kudos to you for making a hard, but necessary choice!

Can't wait to read about your Lent preparations, and the follow-up on authenticity.

Hoping you get a LOT done today!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I am really looking forward to reading your Lent preparations/acttivities :)!

Tiffani said...

I have absolutely. totally. completely. given up on Nicholas Sparks books for that very reason. I mean, I'm all for some tension, drama, moments, etc. but I just like a bring it all home warm and fuzzy ending...and I'm emotionally WRENCHED by the end!!

So, no need to watch it b/c I'm almost certain I could guess the plot: man and woman meet, don't want to share their love b/c of crazy circumstances in life prior to their meeting, they give in, they love truly, madly, deeply...someone dies. Waterworks like CRAZY!! Was I close??? ;)

I'm proud of your consistency in unplugging girl! Keep up the good work...so glad it's proving to make a difference for you!

Carpool Queen said...

Arghhh...Sparks! I read the book AND watched the movie (hello, Richard Gere!) and still blasted cried at the end. Tiffani is SPOT-ON. Have a good un-plugged day.

Unknown said...

Happy unplugging day!

I thought of you this morning when the temp was 19. Was grateful I wasn't standing outside of a Walmart. Can you tell that story made an impression on me? I still can't get over it!

Also, in yet another chapter of our lives paralleling each other, my cousin gave birth to her first boy this week too! (she's the only cousin outside of my brother and I to have kids).

leigh said...

I haven't read or seen nights in Rodanthe, but I have actually been to Rodanthe AND part of it was filmed where my in-laws live. How cool is that?

leigh said...

I haven't read or seen nights in Rodanthe, but I have actually been to Rodanthe AND part of it was filmed where my in-laws live. How cool is that?

Rae said...

Enjoy your day of unpluggedness! I can't wait to read your plans for Lent! The Lenten season leading up to Easter is my favorite time of the year! Focusing on our Savior and all He did and continues to do for me....

Ali said...

Lucky you with the 4 day weekend! Happy cleaning and getting organized! Looking forward to hearing about your Lent plans for your family!

~ Ali

Stephanie said...

Looking forward to hearing your Lent ideas. I'm hoping to learn some more about this myself this year as I know very little.

And, such an encouragement to see you unplugging every so often. I need to start that practice.

Elizabeth said...

I have a lot to learn about Lent and I'm anxious to hear what your family does.

I have to tell you that I always love your movie suggestions, but I hated Nights in Rodanthe. I didn't cry at all b/c I didn't like the characters. I suppose it's because I don't like the actors, but I was sorely disappointed in the movie. Any other suggestions? :)

I am taking your advice and unplugging, mainly to catch up on my house. You seem to get so much done, I am praying that I do too!