Thursday, September 03, 2009


I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday.

I love weekends, but I especially love them during the school year. We're still adjusting to the pace of the school week and everyone in our family is very tired by the time Friday rolls around. The fact that this is a three-day weekend for us is even better! 

Not much on the agenda for us. A little SEC football (Woo Pig Sooie!), some reading (Olive Kitteridge), and hopefully lots of lazing around. I'm happy just thinking about it! 

It's feeling more and more like fall here. We've had some warm days this week (even turned on my A/C this afternoon) but our mornings are quite chilly. Love it! Coffee just tastes so much better on cool mornings. I had my first-of-the-season Pumpkin Spice Latte this week. That, and the fact that I noticed a few leaves starting to change colors today are a sure sign that fall is just around the corner!

Something about fall makes me want to cook! I had fun adding some soups to my new menu plan!

Will missed two days of school this week because of a sore throat, cough, and a low grade temp. There is so much going around the schools lately. I decided he needed to stay home and rest...and he did just that. He's much better and will be back in school tomorrow. And sadly, he'll probably bring make-up work home over the long weekend. (Ugh. Don't want to think about that!)

Add the two days he missed this week to the first two days of school that he missed and we're up to four. My kids are so disappointed they're out of the running for the perfect attendance award. Believe me, we've never gotten one of those!

Speaking of school...I thought Lisa (my smart friend) had some really good things to say in this post. I happen to agree with her.

I helped out in Abbey's classroom today. They were doing a science lesson on soils and afterwards they got to examine the worm habitats they made last week. I had great empathy for the non-worm-loving kids who sat quietly at their desks and left their habitats sealed. My daughter, however, dug all of her worms out and played with them on her desk. Needless to say, the spaghetti I thought about having for lunch was not all that appealing when I got home. 

*Everyone wiped their desktop down with Clorox wipes when they were finished. I included that tidbit for all of you fellow germaphobes.

I believe I've mentioned a time or two how much I hate texting on my cell phone. I plan to upgrade my current phone to one with a full keyboard when my contract expires in a few weeks, but until then, I found an interesting article about sending text messages from your email account in a back issue of RealSimple magazine. 

Here's the deal: If you know the person's carrier, you can type their phone number followed by these addresses in the address space of the email.

Virgin Mobile:

ex: To: (type the area code and number, no spaces!)

Cool, huh? It really works; I successfully sent a text to John, Will, and Sarah yesterday morning. 

Sometimes when I'm at home and get a text from John, it's quicker for me to sit down and respond via email than on my dinosaur keypad. It's also useful if you don't have an unlimited texting package on your cell plan.  (I'm sure if you have kids with cell phones you have unlimited texting though, right?!?)

Alright...that's enough rambling. I don't think I can hold my eyes open any longer!

I'm going to close the comments on this post. Not because I don't love hearing from you (I do, I do, I do!) but because:

1. Sometimes it's nice to have an empty email inbox. Especially on a long weekend.
2. There is no pressure for you to find something in this crazy post to comment on.
3. I feel less guilty about not commenting on all of your blogs (which I've been terrible at lately).

Hope everyone has a great (long) weekend!