Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Observations

(Emphasis on random)

We have exactly 18 school days until Spring Break. I think I can, I think I can.

February is a busy school month. I can't wait to flip my calendar over to March on Monday. In fact, I might just rebel and flip it over on Friday. Take that, February.

There is really no use in mopping the floors when there is snow on the ground. No use whatsoever. I cannot keep our kitchen floor clean these days anditmakesmecrazy.

Black Sharpies make me happy. Black Sharpies with a chisel tip make me extraordinarily happy. They're perfect for crossing things off my lists with a big, bold mark. Accomplishment. Ahhhh.

The Olympics make me cry. The human story is peppered with such agony and such triumph.

School projects (aka homework for parents) make me cry too. Make me cry...and curse.

Roasted brussel sprouts are delicious, but I still can't entice my family to eat them, much less like them. More for me!!!

Evidently the re-make of the 1978 movie, Ice Castles, is pretty good. I haven't been able to find it (to rent) on dvd, but I've heard the story line and the music are pretty much the same! 1978? Really? Repeat after me: We're not old. We're not old. We're not old.


Stephanie Kay said...

I remember 1978. My little brother was born that year. It changed my entire 'first born' life. :)

Gretchen said...

I like random.

And I hate school projects.

There, I said it.

I do.

BUT...I'm trying to be disciplined enough NOT to say that until my children graduate high school. Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

March is good. I was born in March, and you have other lurved ones born then, too.

O Mom said...

I always flip my calendar early.....

Gina said...

Well, I'M not old!

Melissa said...

March is obviously a great month for birthdays :-)

I so remember Ice Castles! I love the poignant tragedy and triumph of it all - sounds like the Olympics, doesn't it?

And school projects...don't even get me started. UGH!

I have a new steam mop that I adore. It's easy, so even when the floors don't stay clean, I don't feel like I killed myself for nothing.

Tiffani said...

I love Sharpies!

I cried last night b/c the Canadian Ice Dancers were just SOOO excited and proud and SHOWING IT!

a new Ice Castles?! Can't WAIT for that!

Michele said...

LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!! I need to get back to my list making. I'm much more efficient, and I think I smile alot more -hee!hee!

Mary said...

My brain only works on the random setting so this post is perfect!

Sharpies - Love them! My husband gets frustrated with me because I like marking things off lists...boldly. He says you should put a checkmark in front of it. I want to delete it from my world and a checkmark won't do that.

Olympic Tears - Been there too. I'm going to need a new box of tissues before I can watch the skater whose mother passed away this week.

Ice Castles - I saw it in the theater with my mom. I was 10. Evidently we only watched movies where female athletes are injured because we were also big fans of Other Side of the Mountain.

Rosey said...

I found that ANY vegetable is tasty, roasted. Esp. brussel sprouts. I am sure they ( your fam) will come around! :)

Anonymous said...

I love me some sharpies, but I also love making a list in one color and crossing things off in another. Of course my OCD requires that the list be ALL one color and the marking off be ALL of another one color.

Betsy said...

1-Here's something else random about a sharpie...I saw on Taylor Swift's tweets this week that she used a sharpie as an eyeliner and applied it in an airplane bathroom!! Now THAT'S brave!

2-Your kids didn't like your brussel sprouts??? They are missing out! :)

3-I am LOVING the Olympics. I just love all the stories about the athletes!! So interesting.

4-Ice Castles was one of my favorite movies when I was in middle school. I had a huge crush on Robbie Benson! haha

Brooke said...

I loved the Ice Castles movie. (1978? Seriously??) My teen and I rented the new one from redbox the other night (hooray for $1 movie rentals) and it was pretty good.

I used to love Sharpies. Until one met with my brand new hardwood floors at the hand of a two year old. Tear stains don't remove Sharpie. Just FYI.

How do you roast a brussel sprout? I don't like them, but I feel like I should, so maybe I'll love them roasted. Brussel sprouts always seemed like "grown up" food to me, and if I can remember the original Ice Castles movie, I suppose I officially qualify as a grown up.

I wish there was snow to blame for the condition of my kitchen floor. I'm without excuse. Is lazy an excuse? :)

Mama Voss said...

3 out of 5 in my family love roasted brussel sprouts -- I thought that was pretty good. Only the the 8 and 9 year old are not too happy when they see them rolling around their plates :)

Carpool Queen said...

Love black Sharpies and the boys have finally reached the age where I don't have to lo-jack them to make sure they've not marked the walls.

Janet Lea said...

I love Sharpies, too! Except when my kids try to color with them when I'm not around.

I was born in 1978!

Anonymous said...

I even love the smell of Sharpies! (sniff glue much?...just kidding. I don't)

Here's my parent-student-school rant of the day. Quite making school rewards dependent on stuff I have to do. Every Jeans Day this year has been a reward for a parent going to a meeting of some sort. Parents who went to last night's PTO meeting earned their kids a homework pass and Jeans Day on Friday. Guess whose kids will be doing homework and wearing the uniform pants and skirt of shame Friday? I couldn't go to the meeting!! And if I had gone, would I have received a homework pass? Maybe I'd like to skip my work at home one day, too!

Okay. I'm through. That felt good.

Mollie said...

I don't have kids in school yet- but i agree Feb. is so busy...and to have so few days??

Church Children's committee- that's a busy month!! I am not ready for March- WAY TO MANY THINGS!!

Watch for my Saturday post....and look on the link for my friend Stacy- her 2 yr old LOVES SHARPIES TOO!!!

Gretchen said...

Is there really any reason to mop floors {ever} while children are living at home? Ugh.

His Girl said...

chisel tips *le sigh*

Kecia said...

I didn't know they remade Ice Castles! I gotta see it.
Sharpies are great. Love the Olympics so much I'm sleep deprived.
But roasted brussels sprouts? Seriously? People eat those things?
I saw a sign I think you'd like: Cleaning house while the kids are growing
Is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing.