Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Happy List

I'm having a really, really good and super productive day! I'm feeling unusually HAPPY so I thought another happy list would be appropriate.

I'm happy that my hair is finally long enough to wear in pig tails. Or dog ears. Or puppy ears. Or whatever you call them. It probably looks goofy to others, but I like it, and my layers in the front don't fall out like they do when I wear a ponytail.

I'm happy that Glee starts tonight. I'm getting together with some friends after our kids are in bed to watch it. Sooooooo excited!

I'm happy that I'm going to Arkansas this week! I leave Thursday morning! I get to see my new nephew, my sister, my mom, my brother, and LOTS of cousins, aunts, and uncles. Oh, and the Razorbacks!

I'm happy that John's new book comes out TODAY! I'm going to do a giveway soon--stay tuned.

I'm happy that my fantasy football team is ROCKIN'. I'm having so much fun with it!

I'm happy that we're going to celebrate two half-birthdays in our family tonight. John and Abbey will be exactly 43.5 and 8.5 tomorrow BUT we have church tomorrow night and I'm leaving the next day so we'll be celebrating tonight. I thought about making a cake and giving them each half but John has been craving banana pudding so I made some this morning. I don't know if the pudding will hold any candles, but we'll definitely sing "Half-y birthday" to them.

That's enough for now. What's something you're happy about?

PS: Because a couple of y'all asked so nicely, here's a pic of my pigtails!


Melissa Stover said...

i wish i could meet up with you at the game, but only my husband is going.

Carpool Queen said...

1. I'm happy that I'll get to spend this weekend with Amy.
2. I'm happy that I'll spend next weekend with Craig (just the two of us).
3. I'm happy that I'm two loads away from being caught up on the laundry.

Angie said...

I'm happy that I finally got a hair cut today - 1st one since January.
I'm happy that some good friends from the states arrive here tomorrow.
I'm happy that I got a lot accomplished in my house today.
I'm happy that there was hardly anyone at the grocery store when I went this afternoon!

Melissa said...

I'm happy that my daughter started piano lessons.

I'm happy that I get to watch a movie tonight with my hubby for his class.

I'm happy that he's grilling burgers tonight, and we get to break open a bottle of my homemade apple sauce.

And I'd BE happy to see a pick of your pigtails!

Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

I'm happy about seeing God's glorious creation of all the colors of the Aspen trees.
I'm happy that baby girl seems content in her womb and growing and such.
I'm happy that my little boy and I had a good morning snuggle!!! LOVE IT!

Kecia said...

Woo Pig Sooie! I'm happy the Hogs won last week and that you get to visit Arkansas. I hope you don't melt...
I'm happy it's almost bedtime and I have a sweet husband to share it with. 'Nite

The Bowden's said...

Aw, LOVE the pigtails. I rock them with a hat many days also.

I'm happy that today I had a major revelation that I think will help Neeley and I to not kill each other before this school year is over. :)

And I'm happy that the sun is shining ALL WEEK and that our temps have been in the 70's. That's HUGE for us!

Carol Sanders said...


I will miss seeing you this trip because I am going to be in Little Rock bc

CHASE is Getting MARRIED on Saturday:)
Tell ya the whole story next week.

Lauren said...

You are rockin those pigtails, girl!!!! I have someone sending me the first season of Glee on DVD. I haven’t watched one episode and so excited to start and hop on the bandwagon and become a Gleek :)

Angela said...

I have pigtail envy.

Kendra said...

Have fun kissing all over your baby nephew! Bring your lovely Colorado weather with you, too. We're tired of summer out here.

Anonymous said...

Cute pigtails! Have a fun trip back home!


Gretchen said...

Your list made me happy!

I'm also happy that the calendar says it's officially my favorite season of the year (even though it is 90 degrees here in NC)

Michelle (LemonadeGal) said...

Happy is just going around. I blogged about it, too. :) Enjoy your trip!! And I will be pulling for your Hogs.

His Girl said...

I am happy I do not have a toothache anymore

I am happy all three kids o'mine are sitting on the sofa right now next to my husband and I... all quietly reading.

I am happy about your piggies.

I am happy about my chick fil a soup for dinner and frozen yogurt for lunch.


Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

Way to rock the piggies, Mer! I love pigtails and a hat. I'm convinced the preschool moms don't know what I actually look like without them. :) At what point are we too old to pull that look off?

Nancy said...

what a cutie! love the pig tails!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Oh my word! Since I cut my hair so short the only way to really get it up is pigtails. So funny and silly. I told my hairdresser friend Jenny and she laughed and said that was very unexpected of me. LOL