Friday, October 29, 2010

The Party That Wasn't

My sweet little third-grader missed her class Halloween party today.

She'd been looking forward to it all week. Maybe even all month.

She crawled in my bed a little before 5AM this morning and a few minutes later the vomiting commenced.
Ugh. She knew after the second or third episode (and there were many more episodes to follow) that she was going to have to stay home from school and miss the party. And the costume parade.

I felt so sorry for her. Poor, poor baby.

My day came to a screeching halt too. Not that I minded. Yesterday I did all of the stuff I normally do on Fridays (groceries, cleaning, errands) so the only thing I had planned today was a morning hike and Abbey's class party. I'm one of the room moms for her class and was in charge of crafts. I called some friends and got things squared away (my friends ROCK!) and just enjoyed a lazy day at home with Abb. She knows me well because she said, "Mom, I bet you're happy that you get to stay at home in your pjs all day." For whatever it's worth, I took a shower and got dressed this morning.

I think Abbey is feeling a tiny bit better. She finally quit throwing up mid-morning and has since kept popsicles and saltines and even some chicken noodle soup down. Hooray! She asked me a little while ago for some Halloween candy so I'm pretty sure we're well on our way to normal. Hopefully she'll get to go to our church's Halloween Extravaganza tomorrow. Hopefully.

Here are the witches' fingers we made for her class party today. Y'all do realize that I've milked the candy-coated pretzel idea for just about all it's worth don't you? I think my husband found the very last bag of Wilton Spooky Green candy melts in Colorado Springs yesterday. Thank you, J!

My sweet friend, Jen, stopped by to pick up all the stuff I had prepped for the party and gave Abbey this cute mummy cupcake. Abbey's eyes got really big...and I know she wished she felt good enough to eat it rightthatverysecond. Maybe tomorrow...
Doesn't she look pathetic? And isn't that ghost necklace cute? I made 21 of those glue-ghosts this week for her class to decorate at their party.

And finally...I'll just let Abb tell you how she really feels. She drew this picture for me this afternoon. Sadness.
I heart that girl. I hope she feels like herself again tomorrow!


Gina said...


Kecia said...

I saw the bad news on facebook. So sorry. :( Mikayla had to miss her preschool Christmas party. Sounds like y'all have some sweet friends, though!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

That poor darlin' baby! That picture breaks my heart..:(( Hope she's feeling much better and can have double the fun over the weekend.

Much love to you all!

Deidre said...

Bless her heart. I hope she is feeling better today (and was able to go to church tonight).

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family and especially Abbey a Happy Halloween...hopes she's feeling so much better!!!

Angie said...

So disappointing! The picture she drew is so great even if it is a sad one. Hope Abbey is back to her old self by now.

LOVE their costumes, btw.

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tania said...

good look for her, Hope she is doing better now!

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