Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Good morning friends! I just have a few minutes but wanted to let you know that HisGirlAmber is giving away a copy of John's book, Start With Me, on her blog. Amber won the copy I was giving away, read it, wrote an awesome post about it, and decided to give a copy away as well. If you're interested go here to enter her giveaway. You have until Friday. Thanks for your kind words, Amber!

A couple other things I wanted to link you to.

I love this candy corn dispenser that Angela made.

I also love her decorated pumpkins and her candy corn kiss cookies. Rumor has it that Target is where you should look for the candy corn kisses; I've looked numerous other places without any luck.

If you only click on one link, make it these Halloween pancakes. They are simply adorable and a guaranteed smile-maker for your kids! If you're not following Angela's blog, you should be!!! (That's the bossy me telling you what to do. My sister would tell you that I've always been good at being bossy.)

The girls and I made these cute ghost necklaces last weekend. So easy and super cheap!

I'm dying to tell you about the costumes I'm making for the girls but I'd rather just show you the finished project. Patience, grasshopper. I ordered Will's costume (because he's thirteen and homemade is just so uncool) but I almost had him talked into dressing as iPod earbuds. Sweet, huh? That's the best costume I've seen in ages.


His Girl said...

Thank you, Mer...

for the link, but thank you even more for the book.

btw, the ipod earbuds? brilliant.

Carpool Queen said...

I'm so glad you linked to those necklaces. I volunteered to host our neighborhood Halloween party and don't have A SINGLE CLUE what to do with the thirty kids that will be here.

You can bet I'll spend some time on Martha's website getting ideas.

Love ya!

Angela said...

Thanks, Meredith! : )

Kendra said...

Have you tried the pumpkin spice kisses? They are to die for! I've got several bags stock piled in my deep freeze to tide me over until next fall. And freezing them keeps me from eating an entire bag a day. So good!