Friday, April 08, 2011

Good garlicky morning

I woke up much earlier than I'd planned this morning. The hour hand was still on the four. Yuck. The insane wind + the inability to swallow without pain are to blame. Despite copious amounts of Emergen-C and extra veggies and fruit and rest, I seem to have succumbed to the cold that my family has been sharing. Life goes on whether the mom is sick or not though. Blech.

I also woke up with really, really bad garlic breath. Last night, I made pita pizzas for dinner. The kids had plain ole cheese and pepperoni but I had more of a gourmet pita pizza in mind for the grown-ups. Warning: clicking that link might make you suddenly crave pita pizza. John wasn't home for dinner last night but the kids insisted on pizza so instead of taking time for one of those amazing-looking recipes, I made mine with whatever I could scrounge up from the fridge. I threw some spinach and tomatoes (I'm really addicted to these yellow tomatoes) in the skillet. At the last minute I decided I needed some garlic and squeezed a clove through my garlic press. Evidently I didn't saute the garlic long enough because it was basically still raw when I bit into my pizza (which by the way, was delicious). Raw garlic is really good for you though so I'm hoping it gave my immune system a boost since it didn't do anything pleasant for my breath. Wow.

All of my kids are out of school for conferences today so we have a long weekend ahead of us. We only have six weeks of school left and that remaining time is feeling remarkably full so it thrills me when we have a day like today. Everyone is going different directions this morning but I think we might go see a movie later IF we can all agree on which one. I've been lobbying for Soul Surfer because the thought of another terrible kid movie is just painful (Gnomeo & Juliet was awful!) but on second thought, I could probably catch up on missed sleep if Hop isn't engaging. And let's be honest--a bunny that poops jellybeans? I could probably sneak in a great, albeit expensive, nap.

It feels a little weird that I can blog about garlic and sleep and movies without effort in the midst of a possible government shutdown. I'm not sure I completely understand all that's happening (where's my smart friend, Lisa, when I need her?) but considering that I rarely watch the news and I overheard rumors of the shutdown yesterday in the carpool line I'm okay with my quick catch up work. What is this world coming to?

Alright...gotta get moving now that I've been up for a couple of hours. At least the sun decided to finally join me! So happy it's FRIDAY!


Unknown said...

Thanks for your sweet link to my blog on your post today. I love your blog! How fun to have found you! I will look forward to checking in with you in the future!

Sandy said...

I hope you are feeling better!
I laughed about the garlic because it seems when it tastes the best the night before, it tastes the worst the next AM. I love putting random veggies on pizza & like it best w/no meat.
While the kids are on spring break this coming week we will all be at the mountain house & one of the things they asked for is making "our own pizzas." We did that last fall where I split up the dough & let them each make their own (rolling it out) & adding what they wanted on theirs. Of course, one only wanted cheese so his was pretty plain. But I'll have a variety of toppings for the others & veggies for me!

Gretchen said...

I'm obviously late in catching up with my blogs, but I hope you had a restful, and relaxing weekend. Feeling any better? Hope so, sweet friend!