Monday, April 18, 2011


I got some loose ends wrapped up today that were pestering me. I got to cross some things off of my running to-do list. I love crossing things off of lists. I think that may be the reason that I make lists in the first place.

We had a pretty good weekend. We found Easter outfits for the kids quickly, easily, and without drama which might go down in the Lifeat7000Feet record book as a first! I even enjoyed the mall, which might also be a first.

I laughed at those of you who commented on my Confessions post about sandwiches being perfectly acceptable as a dinner option. I totally agree. It's just that I really really like to cook, so when my family gets sandwiches it's because I'm super tired and or have lost my cooking mojo. Last Friday, I think it was both.

We had dinner with some friends last night and the weather was so nice that we were actually able to sit outside. Makes me so ready for summer!!! They grilled burgers (which also makes me excited for summer!) and at one point I chomped down on something really hard. My tooth (molar) has been hurting ever since. I'm not sure what I did but all I know is that there is pain when I bite on down on that side. I need to call the dentist in the morning but I'm wondering when in the world I can squeeze an appointment into my week! Until then, I guess I'm on a diet because when it hurts to eat, well, you just don't want to eat. :(

This is really random but I keep wondering if any of you experience this too. Almost every single morning (and sometimes throughout the night) I wake up with crazy pain in the cartilage in my ear. It hurts worse when I lift my head up to roll over and switch sides and it usually always takes 10-15 minutes to completely go away. It's worse in my right ear, but it affects both. The pain is not inside my ear, it's not the lobe, and it's not from being folded over--it's the cartilage. I can't figure out what causes it; all I know is that it HURTS! Does anyone else experience that? Anyone?


Gretchen said...

This is why I love you. From deep thoughts, to marriage and parenting skillz, to .... ear cartilage.
You are so REAL!
No answers, but big hugs.

Melissa Stover said...

me, me, me! i always thought it was because i go to sleep with my ear buds in listening to an audio book. but actually i only put one in the ear i'm not sleeping on and it usually the ear i slept on that hurts.
is it old age? ear pain? i've never heard of it before you mentioned it and i probably would have never told anyone because i thought it was just something stupid going on with my own ear. but it's kind of just recent that it has done this.

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

I'm jealous that you already have Easter clothes taken care of! I thought that I would get that taken care of several weeks ago...I got Carson's outfit, and Caylie's shoes...then got distracted, and haven't done anything since then! Better move that to the top of my list! (I LOVE lists too!!!)

Beth said...

Me, too!! The ear thing--weird! I would blame it on altitude (which is what a blame a lot of thing on :) except it looks like sea-level-melissa is in on it, too. Hmmm, wonder what it is? it doesn't happen every night, but at least a few times a month, sometimes more. weird.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

MER!!! I miss you!!! I need to make myself lists again, maybe that would help me get out of this... um, whatever it is that I'm drowning in. Soo, tired, too busy. Ugh. Anyway, hey maybe you bit down on a teeny piece of bone - sorry! I've done that before. Sorry also about the ear pain but can't help ya there. I feel like maybe that's happened to me before but I can't remember exactly...

Gretchen said...

Are you a teeth grinder at night? Maybe John could answer better. ;)

So soddy about the dental pain. Nothing worse than mouth pain or back pain, IMO.

I'm glad we can still be friends if I make sandwiches. Though, if you come over, I won't--I'll take you out. :)

Lauren said...

I get ear pain when i sleep funny on my ear, but i don't think it's the same thing as your pain. sorry. are ears like teeth where the pain can feel like it's one place when in reality it's somewhere else? may want to check that out.

and where oh where do you buy Easter outfits for 12 year old girls???? Mine won't wear a dress and I don't know what to buy or where to go.