Friday, June 21, 2013


Late last month, we dropped Will off for his work-crew assignment at Crooked Creek Ranch Young Life camp and I went from having three kids at home to two.

Early Tuesday morning (and I'm talking 4AM early) we dropped Sarah off at church for her Puerto Rico trip so now I'm down to ONE kid at home.

Abbey has been looking forward to this week all year long. She refers to it as the "week-I-get-to-be-an-only-child". She woke up Tuesday morning grinning from ear to ear with excitement. 
But don't be fooled--I tucked her in the night before and she was sobbing because she was going to miss her sister. I am beyond grateful for kids who love each other.

A few weeks ago, Abbey made a list of all the things she wanted to do while Will and Sarah were gone and we're doing our best to make a dent in it. So far we've been swimming, watched movies, eaten lots of ice cream, had a sleepover, been to Denver to American Girl and Justice (her two favorite stores), and one evening we took her to make a very special purchase she's been saving for. Ummmmmm, she's pretty much been in heaven and has a few more days to milk this for all she can. 

As for Will--he's working hard and having a good time--but is VERY homesick. Can't wait to see that boy soon!

And Sarah? She made it safely to Puerto Rico and has texted a few beautiful pictures! Sending a kid out of the country for a week? Yeah, that requires a LOT of trust...and prayer. A group of kids from our church is there this week leading VBS and another mission project for our sister church in San Juan but they have lots of fun and beach time built in as well. I haven't actually talked to her but their leader has been great to post pictures on Facebook which helps this mama's heart!

Everyone should be back home sometime next week...and I'm looking forward to that more than you can know. And as much fun as Abbey has had this week, I think she's looking forward to it too!

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