Saturday, June 01, 2013

Six on Saturday

Six on Saturday is kind of like five on Friday but with a bonus, right?

1. I had a birthday this week marking forty-three years of life. It was a very good day! The best gift I received was this poem from my husband. He not only knows how to make me feel loved, but cherished. I am so very blessed. 

2. On my birthday, John and I got up early and hiked before he went to work. I tripped over a rock or log or something and ripped my toenail. Not quite sure how it happened through my shoe AND sock, but there's a tear right down the middle.
(Yes I DID just post a picture of my toes. And that rip in my toe is even bigger now than it was then. Weird.)

3. We took Will to Crooked Creek Ranch Young Life camp yesterday where he'll be working for a MONTH. This is the longest he will be away from home to date. I got a little choked up when we pulled into camp but I pulled it together because I know this will be such a good experience for him and he's ready for it. Crooked Creek Ranch is GORGEOUS and I'm excited for what lies in store for Will. 

4. I'm planning to hike a couple of 14ers this summer (not surprised are you?) and after driving through the mountains yesterday I'm so very glad we pushed our dates back because there is still a TON of snow on most of the taller peaks along the front range, and even a lot at just 9,000 and 10,000 feet. I was quite surprised by the amount of it. We'd originally planned to tackle one next weekend but July is looking more realistic. Stay tuned...

5. Even though summer started last week I'm still working a lot. Things are definitely less hectic though; my brain is only going in a dozen different directions as opposed to a hundred. That's an exaggeration, but the truth is I'm still not feeling like I'm 100% on top of my game. Case in point: I forgot to pick Abbey up from a playdate on Thursday. I was horrified. The other mom was gracious and I was only twenty-five minutes late (which is a lot for this punctual gal) but the bottom line is that I completely forgot my child. I've reached an all new parenting low.

6. I'm heading to the Young Life Garage Sale in a little while. It's another big fundraiser we have to raise money for summer camp. We typically end up having it on the coldest Saturday in May (not on purpose of course) but today should be nice and I am soooooooo thankful for that. If you're local, stop by The Home Depot in Monument. I'd be happy to send you home with some "treasures". 

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