Monday, June 10, 2013

June Currents

Current Read: My husband finally finished Wild and handed it off to me. I started reading it yesterday and I'm hooked!

Current Playlist: I made a Chicago playlist the other day. Chicago as in the band, not the city. I recently learned about the country artist, Josh Turner, so he's getting a lot of play time because we're going to his concert later this month. There's a story there but I need to save that for another day.

Current Color: I'm loving turquoise lately. I found a cute turquoise necklace at my neighbor's garage sale last week and it matches a ring and some earrings I already had. Makes for a cute albeit matchy ensemble. 

Current Drink: It's finally summer and I'm so much better at drinking water when it's hot. Word on the street though is that I make a mean Shirley Temple. Abbey had one in Denver with friends a few weeks ago and has been begging me to make them ever since. Here's the recipe link

Current Food: I'm quite obsessed with this 7 superfoods salad from Costco. It's yummy. 

Current Favorite Favorite: John's mom gave us one of these steamers for Christmas and I forgot about it until last month when I had an item I really needed to de-wrinkle. Oh wow. For a girl who detests ironing, this small appliance is a game-changer.

Current Addiction: Words With Friends. I am crazy-addicted to that game. 

Current Wish List: Some plants for the front porch. I know most of you get to start planting things in March, but around here it's not wise until late May or early June. 

Current Need: I don't need anything at the moment, but Sarah is leaving for Puerto Rico next week and has quite the list. Hoping to tackle that in the next few days. 

Current Triumph: Took Sarah swimsuit shopping last week and found a cute, modest suit at the FIRST store we went to. AND it was on sale! TRIUMPH indeed.

Current Annoyance: I have a bad cold that is kicking my butt. ANNOYING. I fought and kept this cold at bay the whole month of May, only to succumb during summer? Not happy about that.

Current Indulgence: Sleep and rest--because of the aforementioned cold.

Current Mood: Blah. I really feel pretty miserable at the moment because I'm sick.

Current Blessing: I've been able to talk to Will several times in the last week because we sent that boy a phone card in his first care package. He's working hard but having fun! I think he's a little homesick though I'm not sure he'd ever admit that. 

Current Outfit: Running shorts, t-shirt...which will later change to capris, summer top, flip flops. :)

Current Excitement: I'm looking forward to lunch with a friend this week and also some pool time!

Current Project: I have a couple of painting projects I want to tackle, but honestly I need to get through June before I can start them. 

Current plans for the day: Work a little. Clean a little. Mail another care package to Will. Rest. Read. Make dinner.

Current link: I cleaned my Dyson last week. Like too the whole thing apart and cleaned the filters, the attachments, the traps, the cannister...everything. It now runs like new and smells much, much better! This isn't my exact model, but I used this tutorial. 


JenB said...

Are y'all ok? Saw a news report from your town the other day. Praying for you!

Betsy Maddox said...

When your life slows down, send me a WWF request! I'm addicted too! :)