Friday, January 24, 2014

Because this makes me laugh...

John and I were driving home one afternoon this week and as we turned the corner to our house, we saw something in the road. As we drove past I asked: Was that a fork? And without missing a beat, my witty husband said: Yes, Meredith, that was a fork in the road. A literal fork in the road. 
I asked him to turn the car around and let me go back and take a picture. And because he is a good man willing to accommodate the whims of his wife who is so easily amused, he did just that.

Still makes me giggle.
And by the way, the fork is now in my recycle bin…so as not to puncture someone's tire or litter our neighborhood streets. I'm nice like that.


sara said...

hahaha!! My husband is quick on his feet like that so much!

Miss G said...