Monday, January 27, 2014

SMP 1.27.14 (The Weekend Edition)

SMP = Seven Minute Post

We woke up this morning to snow but no snow day which is a bummer. I'd hoped before bed that we would at least have a delayed start for school this morning. I'm a fan of three day weekends. Oh well.

Will went to his school's Snowball Dance on Saturday night and he took a date. They made a pretty cute couple if you ask me.
That girl is just as sweet as she is cute. And I want her hair!

John was in Texas for his grandmother's funeral and I had a HUGE moment of panic when I realized I was going to have to help Will tie the bow tie he'd picked out. Thank goodness we figured it out (thanks to YouTube). What did we do before we had the internet? 

Will had a great time. He has such a great group of friends and I love that he's enjoying these high school years!

Last night I had an end of season fantasy football party for my girls-only league, complete with prizes and awards. It was pretty fun and I'm not just saying that because I WON THE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP (but I did! I did!) 
Since I'm the league commissioner I bought this trophy to be passed around from year to year but it just so happens it's mine to keep until next January. Hmmmm… wonder where I can display that beauty? Ha ha.
It was such a fun season! Lots of happy Broncos fans in this group!!! I'm guessing I'll be seeing a lot of orange this week. 

Happy Monday.

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Deidre said...

I got so tickled when I was looking on Instagram last night and was seeing pictures of the Grammys and then I saw you holding this trophy. I thought "Well, what in the world did Mer win?" hahaha Perfect timing! Congratulations :)

The son of yours is growing up!! So handsome!!