Tuesday, January 07, 2014

SMP 1.7.14

SMP = Seven Minute Post

Everyone was up very early this morning and we were quite unprepared for how hard it was going to be. Including me. And I get up early all the time.

Right now my house is very quiet. Maybe a little too quiet after eighteen days of having everyone home with me.

I have big plans today to get my house clean and my laundry caught up while I'm all alone in my quiet house. My laundry "situation" is pretty obscene right now because it's just been low, low priority over break. I did manage to get a load or two done yesterday but only because I knew everyone needed clean clothes for school today.

I posted about this on Facebook last night but it's still funny (to me) this morning. We were eating dinner last night and Abbey stopped mid-chew, made a weird face and said: "Oh my gosh. I think I just accidentally ate a vegetable." I'm 99.9% sure that her goal in life is to never eat a vegetable. I just don't get it. I have one child who loves brussel sprouts and asparagus and asks for broccoli in her lunch. I have another child who tolerates the green stuff. And then I have one child who would rather poke her eyeballs out than eat a veggie. You can imagine how fun mealtimes are at my house.

My seven minutes are up. And that mountain of laundry isn't getting any smaller so right now I'm going to show it who's boss Wish me luck!

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