Friday, February 07, 2014

February Currents

Current Read: Ha. There hasn't much reading going on here lately. I think the most I've managed to read is a church bulletin. Sad, but very true.

Current Playlist: I've been listening to a lot of showtunes lately...the music from Book of Mormon is hi-larious.

Current Color(s): The ground here is covered in white so I'm going for bright color. Orange and purple are my current favorites.

Current Drink: Right now, I'm loving coffee with a splash of almond milk. I go back and forth with my coffee addiction. I've decided to try to kick it again in the spring but for now, I need a cup to warm me up in the mornings.

Current Food: Chips and salsa. Have y'all tried the Pioneer Woman's salsa yet? Seriously better than anything you can buy and not hard to make. It is my favorite snack and condiment.

Current Favorite Favorite: A pair of orange cords I bought on clearance last weekend for $6.49 at Banana Republic. They're cute!!! And bright!!! And I love them!!!
I have ridiculously short legs!
Current Addiction: Stupid Candy Crush Saga. I actually went almost two weeks without playing...but darn it. I'm hooked again. 

Current Wish List: I got a sample of Living Proof shampoo/conditioner/styling cream at Sephora last weekend and oh my word, I love it. But it's pricey! I'm gonna start saving...

Current Need: A maid and a laundry fairy. Actually, my husband is a huge help to me in both of those areas, but I don't think he'd appreciate being called my laundry "fairy". Wink-wink.

Current Triumph: I cooked almost every night in January.That is a HUGE triumph. That reminds me that I need to do a recap of my No-Spend January Challenge. I've kinda been MIA on the blog lately.

Current Annoyance: Well, I have a little list--
Costco quit carrying my favorite almond butter. It annoys me when they quit carrying things I love and buy on a regular basis. Passive-agressive people annoy me. And at the risk of sounding bratty and immature, I'm just going to confess that sometimes having to share things annoys me. There's obviously a story there. A story for another day.

Current Mood: GOOD! Happy! Excited about the weekend!!!

Current Blessing(s): Being able to spend time with people I love dearly. And two back-to-back snow days in the midst of a busy and full week. That was a HUGE blessing!

Current Outfit: Jeans, cords, sweater and boots. My winter uniform. 

Current Excitement: Spending the weekend with some of my favorite friends for IF: Local. We had actually all planned to go to Austin and changed course once they offered the streaming option.

Current Project(s): Clean my room and unpack my suitcase from last weekend. A suitcase is a giant catch-all for me...
Current Prayers: Still praying for my husband's shoulder (I think he's going to get an MRI soon), for several friends still battling cancer, and for a teenage friend of ours who is having surgery today.

Current plans for the day: Take kids to school, run by the grocery store, a little work, a little cleaning, make/deliver dinner to a friend, then meet up with friends for our IF weekend!

Current Link: Humans of New York (HONY). Y'all this website is amazing. I could spend HOURS there. Except I don't have hours to spend there so I follow on Instagram and go to the website when I have leisurely time to surf.

Happy Weekend, everyone!!!!

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Gretchen said...

Can I just say? I love that your suitcase looks like ours. I'm sure you get yours cleaned up a wee bit sooner than I do, but they are just horrible, horrible piles from hell. :) Unless they have new clothes in them. Then...