Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Alive and Well.

Well, hello, o' blog o' mine.

It's been awhile.

I've received several messages lately noting my absence here and asking if I'm okay. Yes, I'm alive and well. One friend asked if I gave up social media for Lent. No, not for Lent. I gave it up for me as part of that "getting healthy" thing that God has been calling me to. Social media is definitely a noisy (and UNhealthy) place for me, but I've come to realize that blogging feels different. This is a quiet(er) space and I've kind of missed it.

So...how about I jump right back in with a couple of pictures?

John and Abbey celebrated their same-birthday a week or so ago. Abbey had a cooking party and chose to make ALL desserts. Of course.
 I thought John's apron choice was hilarious.
That's all I've got for today...but I'll be back soon.

Peace out, peeps!

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Mona said...

Nice to see you back! I enjoy your blog and miss you when you don't post. :)