Tuesday, February 14, 2006

more really random stuff

Well, I finally took Abbey to the doctor yesterday because she couldn't seem to kick the cough and cold she's had since last week. She got an antibiotic and is doing much better now. We're all thankful! She slept all night last night without a coughing episode and that means we all got a good nights sleep. Yea! Maybe I should have seen the doctor too because I can't seem to kick my cold from last week. Ugggh!

I just returned from the kids' school and their Valentine's Day parties. Will's class party was calm and orderly. Sarah's class party was chaos. I always leave the latter one with my blood pressure elevated! It's so funny how different the two classrooms are! Nevertheless, the parties were fun, everyone is on a sugar high, and the kids are enjoying re-reading all their valentines. I loved that as a kid too. Abbey didn't get to go to her party this morning, but her friend's mom dropped all her cards/goodies off for her this afternoon, and she had just as much fun opening them at home with me.

Anyone besides us enjoying the Olympics? I feel like such a sloth when I sit down at night to tune in and find myself sitting there for like 3-4 hours at a time. How lazy is that?? Because the Olympic Training Center is in Colorado Springs, and because a lot of the athletes at these Olympic games train in our great state, they get LOTS of local media attention and you kinda feel like they're "hometown" kids. It's fun to feel that connection and cheer them on.

I've been working on the yearbook for the kids' elementary school lately. Our deadline is tomorrow and I think we're in good shape. We're in good shape because several of us have put in some LONG hours of work these last two weeks. I'll be glad when it's over, but I've really enjoyed doing it. I'm even considering assuming the role of editor for next year. I was on yearbook staff in high school, and it's amazing how much I remember from those days of old. Words like bleed, ladder, gutter have resurfaced in my vocabulary as of late.

I'm pretty jealous of my friend in Connecticut. They got 20+ inches of snow last weekend in the blizzard that hit the east coast. I'm ready for a blizzard here. I love it that it just brings everything to a complete stop! We are supposed to get some snow later this week, but I don't think it's anywhere close to 20 inches. Oh well. Our friends moved to Connecticut from Arkansas last fall, so how fun for their kids to get to enjoy SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW!!!

Like the title of the post says, this is random stuff...really random. And that is exactly how my life feels these days.



Anonymous said...

Hi Mer... You remember far more than I do from annual staff! I mainly remember "selling ads" which really was just an excuse to leave our closed campus! Remember the old word processors we used? They felt so hi-tech then! Hilarious. I've loved reading your blog, btw. What a precious family you have! In high school I always thought your mom was such a nurturing mom and it looks like it's rubbed off on you! Enjoy your Olympics guilt-free - they only come around every 4 years - so if you prorate your time spent watching them, it's really quite minimal...

Anonymous said...

Hey! How fun~ we made the blog! :) I enjoy reading your comments. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you should try publishing as well! Trish