Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Really really random stuff...

I'm finding it is so boring to post stuff on here without adding pictures. I know that some of you don't mind and that you still enjoy keeping up with us this way, but my kids are such a big part of my life that leaving out pictures just isn't as much fun for me. Maybe soon I'll sneak one or two in!

Today is unofficially hump day--the middle of the week! It's been another busy one and we're looking forward to the weekend--even though it's shaping up to be busy too!

We got some good news yesterday. John was offered a year-long writing contract from the guy he met with last week. He is guaranteed a certain number of hours each month, and more importantly is guaranteed a monthly paycheck. We're both grateful for that. Until the contract is signed, sealed, and delivered, I'm not at liberty to divulge more, but it exciting news! We're STILL waiting for his big paycheck for work done in December. We're hoping this week. However, God continues to show up in big ways for us in regard to financial matters, and we're beyond grateful!

Our oldest child is celebrating a birthday next week. He will be NINE years old. It still seems unbelievable to me that he is that old. Time really does pass quickly, so quickly.

I'm still on track with my read-thru-the Bible plan. Actually, I'm two chapters behind on Job, but that's not a bad way to start February. I hope to catch up on those two chapters this week. I mention this only because some of you have asked. Thanks for keeping me on task!

We watched Cinderella Man last weekend and really loved it. It was such a beautiful picture of HOPE! I needed that little boost of encouragement. I found it funny that I've rented that movie THREE times and returned it unwatched twice before finally watching it last Saturday. I don't want to read too much into that, but I got a beautiful picture of hope at just the time I needed it. Coincidence or a God-thing? Hmmm.

And finally, while we're on the subject of movies, I just got email notification that shipped "Auntie Mame". I know it's kinda lame, but it is one of our favorite movies. It's sentimental to us, and good for more than a few laughs. Now...we just have to find some free time to watch it!

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