Friday, February 17, 2006

Sick Ward

As my friend Joan would say, I'm running the sick ward today. Abbey's been on an antibiotic since Monday, but yesterday afternoon started running fever. Go figure. Sarah woke up in the night with a rumbly tummy (no vomiting-thank goodness!) and this morning, she was running fever too. I just decided to keep Will home with the girls and let them all rest. We have snow and a two-hour delayed start, so they'd have a short school day anyway. We'll just take it easy at home and hopefully be rested and better by the time next week rolls around. Please pray for us to kick this stuff once and for all. It seems like we've been battling one thing or another for WAY too long.

We have a little bit of snow maybe two or three inches. The temps however are another story. Our evening lows dipped below zero here and we'll be lucky if our high temp today reaches 16 degrees. It's very cold. Very, very cold. It's all relative though. A guy John does freelance work for emailed him from Montana this morning and their temp was -30. Just typing that out makes me shiver. So...I guess this is all headed east and you guys in the South will be cold this weekend too. Maybe you'll even get some snow!

Anyone catch the Olympic debut of snowboard cross last night? It's where 4 snowboarders race down the mountain at the same time, all jockeying for the lead. It was cool. Will and I loved it. I didn't let him stay up long enough to see the US guy (Seth Wescott) win the gold, but he watched the highlights this morning. He loves the Olympics. He races through his homework and shower every night so he can catch some of the coverage before bedtime. Fun!

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