Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh No! and Ohno

Okay...I'm really getting tired of my kids not feeling well. I thought on Monday that things were great and that everyone would be heading back to school Tuesday. Didn't happen. I kept the girls home Tuesday because they were still coughing. Yesterday, two of the three woke up with fever. I immediately called the doctor and made an appointment for all of them. Diagnosis?? Respiratory virus. antibiotic, just rest and fluids. No wonder the antibiotic Abbey had last week didn't seem to work! So, we're all at home again today following the doctors orders. Thankfully, the doctor did give us some prescription cough syrup, so at least we're all sleeping well at night! If they're not better by Friday, I'm supposed to take them back in. I'm praying we're better. This is just dragging on too long!

Here's some perspective though... A while back I asked for you to pray for Ira Hays, a little guy (10 months old) in a New York City hospital. Ira is the son of friends of a friend, and has been in the hospital since Christmas Eve. That's about 2 months if you're counting. For two months he's been hooked up to tubes of all kinds and his parents haven't been able to hold or comfort him. His progress has been up and down, up and down. He's scheduled for surgery today...a tracheostomy. Pray for Ira. Pray for his parents, Joe and Laura...they've got to be exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Hmmm...and I think my life is hard sometimes...

On a lighter note, we're cheering for Apolo Anton Ohno, the US short track speed skater. He's a local "hero" because he trains at the US Olympic Training Center here in Colorado Springs, and qualified last night for the medals skate this weekend. I like him for a lot of reasons, but mainly because he's got some poise and maturity...unlike some of the other US speed skaters we've been watching. I am so put out with the two US guys Chad Hedrick and Shani Davis. I know the media has been playing up their "feud", but I sure wish they wouldn't add fuel to the fire. I liked Chad Hedrick after I first watched him skate and talk to reporters. But now I just wish he'd show some sportsmanship. Wow...does anyone else watch those two and feel like they're back in junior high?? Thanks, but no thanks, guys!

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