Tuesday, April 03, 2007

After having the week off from school last week, it was pretty hard to get back in the groove yesterday. We've officially started counting down the weeks until summer vacation begins. 35 school days left. That seems do-able! Yea!

We enjoyed spring break very much but it didn't feel like spring at ALL. It snowed all day on Thursday and some on Friday. John took a couple days off and we went to the ranch that our friends live on just west of Denver. They were in Florida with their family, so we were basically house-sitting for them and we had the lay of the land. It would have been nice if it wasn't 30 degrees and snowing, but days like that are very relaxing and we just cozied up in the house with games, books, cable tv (the kids LOVED that!) and made cookies and just enjoyed being together. John loved it that he could don a Carhartt jacket and cowboy hat and venture out a few times a day to feed their horses. I think he would love living and working on a ranch. We both would for that matter.

We came back on Saturday because John was given the opportunity to preach on Sunday. As always, he did a fantastic job. If you care to listen to his message, follow the link to International Anglican Church on the right side of this blog, and from there find "Sermons". He usually gets a lot of affirmation after he preaches and this week was no exception. I've posted on here before that I struggle with my feelings after he preaches. When I'm listening to him and he is in "preaching mode" I know that he is doing what he was created to do, but our years in ministry have left me very wounded. I prefer for him to just continue in publishing and let me lead my safe and comfortable life. But, I know down deep that the door to ministry isn't completely closed for us...and it scares the heck out of me. Sounds selfish, I know, but it's honest. And it's just as confusing for John sometimes. But I'm feeling more and more like it's a timing thing and for now I'm okay to let both of those realities be true...there is a calling on his life, and God has more in store for John (and for us)...and I'm wounded and my self-protective stance wont' even consider ministry right now. After church we had lunch with some friends and one made the comment that she wished John were her pastor. As jumbled as all my feelings are in regard to this, I have to agree with her...I wish he were my pastor too. There's no one I'd rather listen to.

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Lindsay said...

I understand your feelings, Mer, as I have numerous friends who have been wounded in ministry. Bet John was wounded too. Yep, I too love John's preaching and wish he were my pastor as well.