Thursday, April 19, 2007

Alphabet Update

I was looking at the title of my last post "the B word" and it struck me to give you an alphabet update. A little challenging, but kinda fun!

A--At home day. I get about one a week and I love it when I can stay home ALL day.

B--Blizzard. It didn't happen last week. The storm tracked south and we got snow, but it didn't stick. The kids didn't have school (but probably should have). I loved having them home.

C--Cleaning. That's what is on my agenda for the day. Our house is a mess.

D--Depleted. That's the status of our bank account right now. Pay day is tomorrow!

E--Enchiladas...what we had for dinner last night. Chicken and black bean. Yummy.

F--Friday and Friends. We're having some friends over for dinner tomorrow night. Will is excited because that means dessert. The girls are excited because it's a family with two of their best friends. They have four girls, two of which are named Sarah and Abbey (cool, huh?) and they're from the south. They're a gift to our lives and we're thankful for their friendship.

G--Glen Eyrie, or The Glen. John and I are going to a conference there this weekend. It's the Navigators ministry headquarters and retreat center. Beautiful place. One of my favorite spots in Colorado Springs, and it's right next to Garden of the Gods. More "G" words. Oh, we're going to another pastor's conference. John's publisher is sending him to meet/recruit authors and I get to tag along and go to a few sessions and enjoy some yummy meals.

H--Helper. I was recruited to help out in Abbey's preschool class on Monday. Her teacher's son was throwing up across the hall and had to leave. I had a blast and we learned all about the letter "X". Hard letter.

I--Ice Cream. We met some friends in Palmer Lake yesterday after school for ice cream at the Rock House. We took our cones over to the lot where they're building a new house to check out their progress. Fun!

J--John. Man, he's working hard these days. Today he's trekking up and down I-25 for meetings and such. And tonight he's getting together with his guy friends for some guy stuff I guess. I'm not privy to their agenda. Smile.

K--Kindergarten. Abbey and I went to kindergarten orientation this week. She is SO ready. They checked out their classroom, the school, and even took a bus ride. Big girl.

L--LOST. Our favorite tv show these days. I slept thru 95% of it last night and when John woke me up to go to bed, I asked for an update. He said it was too involved. That didn't really go over well with me. Anyone wanna fill me in on what I missed?

M--mortgage. Our payment is due tomorrow.

N--newspaper. I love starting my day with the Denver Post and a cup of hot tea. But all this Virginia Tech stuff is making that ritual a little more depressing this week.

O--Odwalla bars. Yummy snack bars. I just bought some this moring. I took the kids to school and ran to the grocery store for a few things and they were 10 for $10. Score.

P--Pastor's Wives. I recently read an article in Time magazine. Not impressed with it though. Talked a lot about wives not having formal training like their husbands and how the internet has created online communities where these women can bond, vent, ask questions, get answers, etc. One thing in the article that struck me was the phrase "first ladies". A lot of older pastor's wives tend to see themselves as such. Rings true for most pastor's wives I know. How 'bout you? I personally could never be the "first lady" and I might be the only pastor's wife you know who would show up for the photo shoot in jeans and fleece and flip-flops rather than an elegant suit.

Q--quiet. Something I crave but usually only experience around here after 9pm. Sad, huh?

R--Remember. Last night was Devo Night and we looked at the Shema in Deuteronomy 6. God's instructs us to Remember, lest we forget all that He has done. And He's done a lot for us. So we're practicing rememberance this week.

S--Student Council. Will and Sarah both serve their classes as SC representatives. Their meeting was before school this morning.

T--Taxes, Treadmill, Track, and Tying. Taxes...need I say more? We owed. Yuck. The treadmill has been my early morning friend for a few weeks now. I just feel so much better when I exercise. Will even tried the treadmill a couple of weeks ago. He started track and was wanting to run inside. First track meet is next week. He's really good at running! And I'm trying to teach Abbey to tie. Most shoes these days have velcro, but we have one pair with laces and she's working hard. It's VERY challenging to teach a lefty to tie when you're demonstrating as a right-handed person. VERY challenging.

U--underwear. I've got a load in the washing machine right now.

V--Virginia Tech. So terribly sad and heart-wrenching.

W--it is so windy here today.

X--eXotic butterflies. The art project we did at Abbey's preschool on Monday.

Y--Yuck. The condition of all of our tennis shoes after trekking across our friends lot in Palmer Lake yesterday. Very muddy from our melting snow.

Zzzzzz--ah...wouldn't that be nice?? A nap???


Anonymous said...

Clever way to fill us in on your activities! Enjoyed it!!!

Lindsay said...

Mer, Shirley is the one who reminds me to check out your blog these days. Good entry indeed.

Guess you know that VA was my home for 26 years before moving to AR. Heart wrenching indeed.