Monday, April 30, 2007


Despite the title of my post, I'm not going to blog about this season of LOST with all those spellbinding plot twists and turns building up to the season, not today.

It is simply amazing the number of things that can get lost in our home on a daily basis. I can't count how many mornings I get ready to blow-dry my hair only to have to stop and search for my missing hairbrush. Or the girls socks. Or Polly Pocket's centimeter-long shoes. Saturday morning John was helping me out the door and he was on a mad quest for my car keys. Funny thing is mine were right where I left 'em...where I ALWAYS leave 'em. Only he thought they were HIS and he was looking for mine. About 10 minutes later, he found his in his jeans pocket. Guess who wasn't laughing?

Saturday here was georgeous. Beautiful, blue cloudless skies, temps near 80, and the afternoon was long and lazy. The kids were outside playing most of the day and the last of the snow from last week finally melted away. Amazing...I thought it would last until May, but thankfully it's all gone. Anyway, the girls came inside after hours outside and got in the tub. John helped me get them bathed and then he left for a dinner to kick-off a new ministry of one of our friends. When he returned later that evening, he comes in with a weird look on his face and Abbey's flip-flops in his hand. She left them in the driveway and he ran over them. He also held one of Sarah's flip-flops, but oddly, it was missing its mate. Remember, this is a post about things lost. Turns out she put them on the back bumper of the van. And not knowing that, John drove all the way to downtown Colorado Springs and home and ONE of her flip-flops amazingly survived the drive and was still on the back bumper. Weird. John even went on a search mission in the van, driving the path he traveled earlier and searching in the dark for a solo flip-flop. We trekked in the same direction yesterday to church and kept our eyes peeled hoping to "find" it on the side of the road/interstate! No such luck. Would've been a cool story though, huh? So, Sarah's sad she lost her stinkin' cute shoes, and I'm sad she only got to wear them 2-3 times before she lost 'em. Good thing they were inexpensive...and replaceable. And we know one little girl who likely won't use the bumper as a storage shelf anytime soon.

Sarah turned in a book report today. She worked very hard on it and drew an amazing illustration of The BFG by Roald Dahl. She was finishing up on Saturday morning and left her art on the kitchen table. John asked her to get it off the table so it didn't get messed up. After a VERY full day yesterday, we came home and were trying to get the whole project in its final form and all we needed to do was glue the art onto the display. Only we couldn't find her illustration. We searched high and low, and both of us were in tears. It was getting close to bedtime and I really didn't want her to have to stay up and re-do it. But our searching was in vain. I even went through the trash thinking I might have mistakenly pitched it...but was nowhere to be found. How does stuff like this happen??? Our house is really not that big. Anyway, she drew another picture that was beautiful and got it finished up and turned in this morning...but still on the lookout for all things lost. And Sarah was very aware of the fact that this weekend's "losing" theme was particular to her. And it broke my heart that she was feeling the weight of all that.

Is your house like that too...a black hole for objects large and small?? Or are we just blind to the things around us? This morning I found one of Abbey's hair-clips that I've been looking the drawer where I've looked everyday for the last 2 weeks. Has it been there this whole time and I just couldn't "see" it??? It's truly baffling to me.

**UPDATE** I walked upstairs after posting this (and listing in my mind all the other things that have been lost recently in our home) and began to gather items to return to the library before I start running up a tab. I was searching for one more dvd to add to the bag and THERE IT WAS...Sarah's BFG illustration sitting on top of the dvd player. Unbelievable. Mere minutes after this post. I picked her up from school and Abbey immediately blurted out that we found her artwork. She was a good sport about it (she liked the former drawing much better than the latter one) and said she was just glad to be done with it. Now...if only we could find my calculator, my camera case, Jess' (the doll) swimsuit, etc. *sigh*

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Lindsay said...

Sigh indeed. I can readily identify with lost... yet under my nose.