Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Can you believe this?

Okay, so the few faithful readers I have might remember me trying to give away our NordicTrac cross-country exercise thing last year. I put it out in front of our house with a FREE sign taped to it...and it was gone within hours. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for ridding our basement of that monstrosity (sp?) only to see it sitting back on my curb the next day. Whoever took it decided to bring the stupid thing back-arghhh. WHO does that? Couldn't believe it, but hauled it back into the garage anyway. So, a week or so later, our UPS lady knocks on the back door and asks if anyone has claimed our *free* machine. Obviously, no, it's unclaimed, so her friend in Denver calls me telling me she wants it and will come and get it sometime when she's down this way. That was OVER A YEAR AGO and I'm maneuvering around this *@$#! thing in my garage, nearly taking off a shoulder or arm just to get into my van, but holding on to the stupid thing because I'm so nice and this lady in Denver told me she really wants it and will come get it and I don't want it to "not" be here when she comes. Last month, I gave up hope that she's coming to retrieve it and we put yet another free sign on it and sat it out on the curb. Nothing. Nada. Even forgot it was out there and left it out that night in the snowstorm, but of course that thing is indestructable.

Over spring break I was visiting with some friends and the NordicTrack subject came up. After laughing at my plight for a while, one suggested selling it on Craigslist. The very next day I posted an ad, and within a few hours I had a taker. I was pumped. I was willing to give the thing away, but someone was willing to pay me $25. Wow. Except the buyer never showed up. Twiced we tried to connect, and twice she didn't show. Still hasn't. Last week John loaded the *@$#! (okay I really, really HATE this nordictrack?) into our van and went to a men's breakfast at church before dropping it off at Goodwill. Before he made it to Goodwill, one of the men from chuch was calling and wanting the NordicTrack and hoping/praying we still had it. And now it is once again sitting in my garage waiting to be picked up. Why, oh why didn't he go by Goodwill first??? I wish the story ended there, but this morning after I got off the treadmill (love that machine!), I had a message from that lady in Denver asking if it was still available. No kidding. You're crazy if you think I'm calling her back, and besides, it's promised to the guy from church. I'm hoping we can get that contraption delivered to him this weekend. I'm ready for it to be someone else's problem. Unbelievable, huh?

Also unbelievable is the 6+ inches of snow we've got outside. Still snowing too. Predictions for our area are 8-16 inches before it stops tomorrow morning. School was cancelled today b/c of the weather, and therefore my plans were re-arranged as well. John and I have been at a conference at Glen Eyrie this week. A pastors conference. Interesting, but very good. The speaker is a guy that he's hoping to sign for his next book. Great guy. And the guy leading the devotion each day is also an author John is working with. I just met his wife and they're a great couple. I enjoyed myself very much and was a little bummed that I couldn't just take the kids with me this morning. Just talked to John and while we have 6 or more inches of snow on the ground, Glen Eyrie has none. Just rain and the occasional snow shower. We're about 15 miles north of there and about 800 feet higher in elevation and we're getting pounded. It's all about elevation folks. I'm very tired of snow, but can be excited about it for the nice, new friends we met from Oregon and Texas who don't see snow very often. Only they'll have to trek up our way to really experience it this week.

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