Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A, B, C, D, E, F, G...

I mentioned in my previous post that we had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Full of so many good things! I thought it would be fun to post an alphabetic recap of our weekend. So here goes...

A--Arkansas Razorback football victory! Answered prayer (see "N") and Astronaut Farmer. We finally found this movie at Blockbuster and it was worth the wait.

B--BBQ with friends, and Blokus-my favorite game of which I'm the reigning champ at our house.

C--Campout in the backyard! The kids slept out there Saturday night and they had a blast. They came inside for hot chocolate about 7am the next morning...because it was freezing!

D--Dad at home for 3 whole days! We were all very happy about that.

E--Errands, ESPN.com for live football stats!

F--Farmer's Market, Family Weekend, Friends, and Fajitas

G--Grocery Shopping

H--Hama Beads. My kids love making things with Hama beads. They're small tubular beads that you arrange in a pattern and then fuse together with your iron. The kids were Hama-crazy on Saturday. This is a photo of some of their creative handiwork.

I--Ironing (the aforementioned Hama creations), and Ice Cream Cones. We were running some errands late Sunday afternoon and stopped by McDonald's to get the kids an ice cream cone. Would you believe they didn't have any? Apparently, their machine was broken. No worries. We drove to Palmer Lake to the Rock House for a cone...and it was way better than McDonald's anyway.

J--Just the 5 of us...all weekend. So nice.

K--Kick-off. Have I mentioned that I LOVE college football?

L--Library, Laundry, and more Laundy.

M--Movies. We watched Firehouse Dog with the kids on Friday, John and I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's (one of our favorites) and we all watched the Astronaut Farmer on Sunday night. So fun.

N--Nap, No school or work, and New Friends. We've been praying for awhile for a friend for Will at church. The girls each have a favorite friend from church, but there really aren't any boys Will's age. Not too long ago, a new family started attending and their son is Will's age and Will really likes him. John and I like his parents and they seem like a great family. We got together with some friends from church yesterday, and this new family was there also, and I've been feeling really thankful that God answered our prayers and provided a good friend for our son.

O--Outside. I love being outside so much. We all do really. We spent some time outdoors this weekend--working and playing.

P--Pizza, Peaches, Peach Pie (my friend made one for the BBQ yesterday--so good!), Popcorn, and Painting.

Q--Quiet. We enjoyed some quiet this weekend. Nice.

R--Razorbacks, Root Beer, and Room Re-Do. I painted a bookshelf we had in the basement for the girls' room, and re-arranged their beds and hung some stuff on the wall. I spent all of $8, and they were thrilled with the results.

S--Sunshine (lots of it) and the Sunday paper. Love, love, love reading the Sunday paper. Oh, and Snack Chart. Abbey is constantly asking me for snacks. And it makes me crazy trying to keep up with what she's already eaten and the limits I set. So...I copied this idea I saw in Family Fun magazine and in 10 minutes we had a snack system. When she wants a snack, she can consult her choices, choose one, then transfer the stick to her snack pouch. She loves things like this and so far it's working well. Oh...and my system is not nearly as cute as the one in the magazine, but it works for me...and that's better than crafty.

T--Touchdown! I also love hearing that word...especially if it's a Razorback touchdown!

U--Uno. Abbey was on a major winning streak this weekend...and she was very happy about that!

V--Vacation. Technically, no, this weekend was not a vacation, but it sure felt like one.

W--Watermelon (from the Farmer's Market--so juicy and sweet!), Writing (John tweaked a couple of book proposals he's been working on), and Woo Pig Sooie!

X--eXcellent, eXcellent weekend.


Z--Zzzzzz...we got to sleep in for 3 days straight. It was a little bit of a rude awakening (pun intended) this morning.


Trish said...

::sigh:: It sounds like a perfectly lovely Labor Day weekend. Especially the part about cruising over to Palmer Lake for a Rock House ice cream cone. Wow ~ I didn't realize how much I've missed that! Looks like your kids had a great time camping in the backyard, too.

I'm glad the Razorbacks won ~ it's so much more pleasant living in Arkansas when their team is winning! LOL

It's 77 degrees here right now ~ trust me, it's not as wonderful as it sounds. It's rainy off and on, 94% humidity when it's not raining. It just never quite dries out here ~ but, I will say it has been good for my skin and great for my hair! ;) LOL


Leah Belle said...

sounds wonderful! glad it was such an awesome time for your family!

*carrie* said...

What a creative way to re-cap, Meredith--so glad you had a such a fun and refreshing weekend!

Robin Green said...

You were so creative with this--what a great weekend.