Saturday, September 08, 2007

Guess What Word I Just Heard the Weatherman Mention?

SNOW! It's September, people! The last time it snowed here was the last day of school--May 23.

I should probably clarify a little. The snow is forecast for the county just west of us (where John and I went for our anniversary weekend), and it won't likely snow below 8,000 feet, but that's just over the mountains from us and pretty close to home! Crazy, huh?


Trish said...

Not crazy ~ awesome!! In Alaska we called it "termination dust" ~ it signaled the "termination" of the summer (and everyone's camping trips with it). Trust me, Mer ~ move back to Arkansas and you'll actually MISS snow on the mountains in September. ;)


*carrie* said...


Oh, the memories of "off-peak" snows. We lived in CO during a July snow one year!!

Iowa gets more snow than Colorado Springs, which surprised me. It's also colder, less sunny, and the snow stays for months. I miss how the snow used to melt in a few days or even an afternoon!