Monday, September 10, 2007

Okay...because I don't have anything else exciting or meaningful to blog about, I'm going to copy my friend, JennaG, and answer these 20 questions for ya...

1., let me just say that I was in a hurry to lose my very Southern accent when we moved here. It still comes out a little here and there (or so my friends tell me) but I'm always happy when people are surprised to learn I'm from Arkansas because I "don't have an accent". It's just the twang that gets me.

2. I don't drink...anything with artificial sweetener. I won't rant, but it's really, really bad for you.

3. Chores I dislike...unloading the dishwasher. And I don't like to dust either.

4. Pets...we're working on it. Still praying about a dog. Last week when our babysitters were here (the ones that Abbey wanted to be her parents) they brought their dog, and Abbey went to bed rubbing her eyes and woke up with major congestion. I don't want to tell her brother and sister, but I'm afraid she might be allergic to dogs...and that will determine whether or not we can become dog owners.

5. Essential camera.

6. Perfume...Clinique Happy. And my bottle is almost empty, honey (hint, hint).

7. Gold or Silver...definitely silver.

8. Insomnia...only when my husband is out of town and I have to sleep alone.

9. Job Title...Wife and Mom.

10. Most Admired Traits...responsible, organized, neat.

11. Kids...3 great ones--Will, Sarah, and Abbey.

12. Phobia...I'm very afraid of heights, snakes, and mountain lions. And I don't like driving under or over bridges either.

13. Religion...I'm a Christian, but as far as denominations go, I've been Catholic, Southern Baptist, Non-denominational, and now we attend an Anglican church. Interesting, huh?

14. sister and one brother. I'm the oldest. And the bossiest (at least that's what they'd tell you).

15. Time I wake up...around 6:30, sometimes earlier, sometimes later.

16. Unusual talent/skill...I have no idea.

17. Vegetables I refuse to eat...beets and eggplant. I'm not a big fan of cucumbers and celery either, but I like most everything else.

18. Worst habit...popping my knuckes. I can't stop!

19. X-rays...sure, I've had lots of x-rays taken over the years. The most recent was last October when I had a little collision with the back of my daughter's very hard head. I thought my nose was broken. Thankfully, no, but I sported a nice black eye for about 3 weeks. So lovely.

20. My favorite, so hard to choose. I guess it might be cornbread, fried okra, garden fresh tomatoes, purple hull peas, and turnip greens. Okay, now I'm hungry.


Holly said...

You need to try Eggplant Piroque (sp) from Copeland's...when you're in the South. I guarantee (saying it with a Justin Wilson accent) you will love it!

When you wrote Accent, I immediately thought of MSG :)
Have a wonderful evening, Mer!
With love,

debra parker said...

Do you know why I cannot subscribe to your blog using google reader?

It is so sad.

pinkmommy said...

Thanks for stopping by! I am enjoying reading your blog. I will be back!!!

Lindsay said...

Hi Mer... Couldn't help but latch on to your comment re: Abby and dogs. I'm pretty allergic too but have found Shitzus to not cause any problems at all. Some suggested breeds are: Terriers, Westies, short haired Dashunds and Chiwahwahs. Hope you can find the dog that is right for your family.

Trish said...

LOL Your answer to #20 gives you away as at the very least a Southerner ~ to those who can tell the difference between Southerners, you're definitely an Arkansan!

Robin Green said...

I'm so glad you played, Mer. I would so join you for that meal--except the turnip greens part--everything else sounds divine.

Regular, with half and half and raw sugar said...

Okay, that A,B,C,D post was the cutest ever! And I love, love, love the snack chart idea. What other cute kid organizational things do you do? And I wish it was 48 degrees here!!!!

Stephanie Kay said...

Can we switch turnip greens to cooked spinach, switch the peas to brown beans (aka pinto beans) and add a side of fried potatoes? I'm so there!! Yum. Now you've gone and made me hungry too!

(Be sure to read that with your best AR twang. Mine's pretty well gone, too. Unless you are native RI. Everyone at "home" thinks I sound like a Yankee now.)

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

#20--Oh you southern gal you! Now I'm craving some fried okra, and maybe some fried green tomatoes too. With cornbread and milk for dessert!

Missed you at lunch the other day...definitely next time!

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

P.S. Maybe we should have lunch at Black-Eyed Pea so we can have all those things without cooking ourselves!