Sunday, September 23, 2007

wonderful weekend

we're back from our weekend trip to estes park. it was FABULOUS. the weather was wonderful. cool mornings and cooler evenings. lots of elk. and another wildlife surprise! beautiful mountains and golden aspen.

i'm tired and but i'll leave you with these photos and i'll blog more about them and about our time this week.



Diane@Diane's Place said...

Gorgeous pictures and breath taking scenery, Mer. Elk and bear, oh my! ;D

I'll be watching for your next post on your trip.

Have a great first week of Fall!

Love and hugs,


Holly said...

Chris saw the elk and said, "Bam! Yummmy."

And a "bar?" Was it close by? and scary???

Love the photos friend! Tend to that cold...praying for a fast recovery!

Susan said...

I love Colorado!!!!!! I am so glad you and your family got to enjoy the fall. I am out and about today to enjoy the last sunny day here for a a long time way over the other side of the Atlantic. Next 7 days call for rain rain and more rain...

Cannot wait hear more about your weekend.

Trish said...

Mer, great pics of the elk walking down the street. And that bear ~ yikes! Were you able to spy any moose?

The fam looks great; Abbey's QUITE the little ham in front of the camera!


Kecia said...

Wow, those pictures are amazing! What a thrill. I especially like te pic of you & John on the bench on the porch--it's a keeper.

*carrie* said...


Glad you enjoyed the weekend. Hope you can get rested up now!

Amazing how close you were to all those animals and gorgeous scenery!

Angie said...

What beautiful pictures and abeautiful family. That little Abbey is so cute.....she looks like she must have a fun little personality!

OK, exactly how close did that bear get to you? Who took that picture?? Scary, but cool.

Colorado is just gorgeous.

And Meredith you are not aging at all!!!

Stephanie Kay said...

Those are beautiful pictures!! All the elk remind me of the summer I spent in Arizona and saw signs on one of the major roads:
Elk are Large...In herds they run...Across the highway...Don't hit one! Quite catchy that 10+ years later I still remember them. = )

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! What a beautiful place. I have to got to put Colorado on my list of places I must visit. Glad you guys had fun :)

Lindsay said...

Estes Park is one of my favorite places in CO. Need to get back for a visit. Great pictures...

Leah Belle said...

oh how i wish we could go to Estes Park and RMNP as easily as you do. Oh to live closer to the mountains. Glad you had a lot of fun...nice way to spend a long weekend. I enjoyed the pics!