Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I've already been to one fall party and am leaving in a bit for party #2 and party #3!

We finally reached a decision about what to do tonight instead of trick-or-treating. My plan to stay home, make soup, and play games didn't fly. Our children earned some money for their awesome report cards, and they are dying to spend it, so our new plan is to go out for dinner (mexican, of course) and then head to Target. Our church is collecting shoeboxes this year for Operation Christmas Child, so they each need to buy something for their shoebox, and then they can buy something for themselves with whatever money they have left. It's a good plan, and we're all looking forward to it. And oh, they're going to get candy...from mom and dad...but I think we're going to pretend that we forgot to buy some and hide it in their pillowcases (thanks for the idea, DP) and let them be surprised to find it before bed.

Abbey dressed up as a princess for her class party this morning. And Sarah is planning to dress up like one of her American Girl dolls. Simple and EASY! Will is way too cool to dress up. I'm planning to let them go to a few of our neighbors houses to trick-or-treat, but just a couple and then we're heading out for our grand adventure!

I'm off to do some more celebrating. Enjoy your day!

PS--Abbey wanted me to tell you she knows how to whistle now. And that she has a loose tooth. She's growing up so fast!!!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

I like your idea better, but I'm OLD - what do I know? ;o)

No trick-or-treating for me. I'll be going to church later.

Hope y'all's evening turns out great, Mer.

Love and hugs,


*carrie* said...


Hope you had fun last night! I've enjoyed putting those shoeboxes together for several years--this time our box will be for a little boy, of course!

So funny that Abbey wanted to share this news with your blog friends! =) I hope she didn't get any gum or silly putty in her treat bag.

Susan said...

Abbey is so cute! I think the Operation Christmas Child is a great program. Used to do the shoeboxes too.