Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Rockies lost, but I WON! I WON!

Okay, who doesn't read Boomama? If you have never visited her blog, you're missing out on so much southern goodness. Seriously, she makes me homesick for the South, and every time I visit there, I leave with a smile on my face! My smile was HUGE on Saturday when I saw that I was one of two lucky winners in her most recent giveaway. I won a jewelry set created by Lisa! I chose #2 and am so excited. Lisa is mailing it this week, and I can guarantee you I'll be checking my mailbox with anticipation. Lisa is seriously talented. Take a look at the beautiful jewelry she makes...and maybe you can knock out some of your holiday shopping!

We're wrapping up a 4-day weekend. Our kids were out of school Thursday and Friday for conferences. I wish I could tell you we did something fun and exciting over our break, but the reality is that we didn't do much of anything. And it was very nice. The highlight for me was staying in my pajamas on Thursday and Friday until 11AM. I rarely get to do that, and it was great! The kids each had a playdate but that was the extent of our fun. Sarah's playdate didn't end up being too fun...she got sick and puked while her friend was here. So sad. She's much better now (thankfully!) and I promised to make it up to her and her friend.

We did do something crafty on Saturday after Sarah perked up a bit. We made these cute paper boxes! My friend showed me one that her daughter made at a craft class, and let me borrow it to make a template. It was so easy and so fun! What a fun little container for a Starbucks card, or how cute to make a box with Christmas or Valentine paper and fill it with candy or something "happy".

So speaking of being crafty... I'm usually NOT. I get the urge every so often, but generally, I'm pretty okay to spend my time doing other things. However, I'm trying to think of some creative and inexpensive gift ideas for teachers/neighbors/friends for the holiday season. Anyone have any GREAT ideas you want to share??

It's official. We're not trick-or-treating this year. I'm buying each of kids their own bag of candy, and we're making a big pot of this (it's so good) and are settling in for a fun family night. Yay! I know I'll be ready for a night at home after the crazy afternoon I'm planning to spend at their school parties.

Have I mentioned that I'm the co-leader for Abbey's Daisy troop? I'm crazy, I think. I had a hard time saying no to this because I really wanted Abbey to do it and no one was stepping up to lead. My friend is the official leader, but I'm helping her and we have our first meeting this week. I've still got some prep to do, but I think it's going to be so much fun. Abbey is thrilled about it, and I'm excited that it is something for us to do together.

I'm off to's way past my bedtime. That's the hard part of a long weekend. I've been staying up later and later, and sleeping in later and later... I know I'm not going to like my alarm clock when it starts beeping at me in the morning!


Deidre said...

Congratulations on winning the jewelry! I chose #2 also - so beautiful. Enjoy!

Oh, and those boxes are so cute. I can't believe those aren't store-bought.

*carrie* said...


That is so fun that you won that jewelry--enjoy!

I love those paper boxes--is there a way you could post/e-mail the instructions?

Yes, we were sad it was a sweep as well. The Rockies just couldn't get it together!