Thursday, July 09, 2009

10 on the 10th!

10 things that have amused me lately:

1. I overheard my kids talking complaining last week while doing their chores. Their enthusiasm for the chore chart started waning a few weeks ago. One of them huffed and said, "We need a maid." What am I? Chopped liver? 

2. Last Sunday, I nicked the back of my ankle while shaving my legs before church. I try to shave occasionally.  In an attempt to stop the bleeding, I stuck a (rather large) piece of tissue over it. Completely forgot about the tissue until I happened to glance down right before walking up to communion and saw it sticking to the back of my ankle. Nice. No telling how many people were snickering behind my back and not telling me it was still there. Good thing I've learned to laugh at myself. And to forgive others for the sin of omission.

3. You guys familiar with word verification on Blogger? I came across the word "fartio" while leaving a comment on Lisa's blog. Fran had a contest a while ago where she gave a prize to the person who made up the funniest definition for word verification words and used it in a sentence. Talk about f-u-n-n-y stuff. Anyone wanna give "fartio" a go? So many possibilities for that one... 

4. You might be a redneck...if your van looks like this:
I had my windshield replaced last November, and a couple of months ago, the stripping at the top came loose and was flapping around and driving me crazy. Believe it or not, the guy who replaced my windshield told us to do this until the silicone glue dried. However, it has since come unglued and is now sporting the blue tape sans glue waiting for it to be repaired yet again. SO redneck, and SO embarrassing.

5. These pictures made me laugh out loud.

6. Do you guys watch Wipeout? Seriously, it is THE funniest show on tv. My entire family stops what they're doing to laugh together for an hour each week. We've also been known to say "Goodnight and Big Balls" quite frequently. Cracks us up. 

7. Jack-the-beagle has pooped in the laundry room three times in the last three days. Oh wait, that's not amusing. That's annoying. 

8. My toenails have been sporting a lovely shade of orange lately. I'm not one to deliberately paint my toenails orange (or blue or black or purple for that matter) because I'm an au naturale kind of girl. The orange toenails are rather amusing though, and it's all because of these shoes that I got for my birthday. Kelly told me that they scream Colorado. I don't know about that, but they definitely scream "hey, wear these and your toenails will turn orange". They're super comfy though and I love them despite the orange issues.
9. My husband saw the optometrist this week who told him that he's soon going to need bifocals. I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud. Wasn't laughing so much when he told me he was thinking of this look:

Elliott Gould stars as Ruben Tischkoff in "Ocean's Eleven."
I haven't seen the frames he picked out. Let's hope he was kidding. 

10. Nice pic, huh? I dropped my camera on the concrete (yikes!) and when I picked it up to see if it was okay, I accidentally took this picture of myself. A-M-U-S-I-N-G. Glad there aren't any "friends" in my nose since you can see straight up my nasal cavity.
Hope some of this made you laugh. Laughter is good medicine, ya'll! if you want to join in the 10 on the 10th fun, leave a link to your post below!

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Elizabeth said...

I just have to tell you that I love those pictures. You know what a breastfeeding fanatic I am!

I've actually been searching for a nice orange polish that's not too flashy. I have yet to find one I like. Maybe cool orange shoes would do the trick!

I've had some pretty funny word verifications, but of course I can't think of any of them right now.

Mollie said...

Fartigo....I have no clue just sounds stinky to me!!

Love the picture you took of yourself- how talented!!

Love the links to 10 things too!!
Thanks for letting us share.

Tiffani said...

All of these I found amusing (except the Jack pooping part. yuck and annoying, for sure).

I'm glad to finally be over here..we seriously need a chat in the near future, girl! I miss you!!

Kendra said...

FARTIGO: (v) 1. the action of passing gas in a crowded enclosed space (i.e., an elevator)and then dashing out the door before the odor wafts in to the nostrils of the unsuspecting bystanders, thereby rendering them to wonder if the one who smelt it dealt it.

Michele said...

So funny. We love Wipeout ourselves. The baby picture cracked me up, but not as much as the tissue on the back of your ankle . . . HA!HA! Totally sounds like something I'd do.

IdahoAngie said...

loved your post... also you might want to check (if you still have it) the warrenty on your windshield repair. The seal should be covered. It should not have come undone already. I posted a 10 on the 10th over at my blog as well. It really has no theme to it. I thought on it for over a week and decided to just write about whatever came to mind.

Kathy said... had me laughing out loud! (and at 6:20 in the morning, that's no small task.) We are a "Wipeout" family, too--so glad there's something funny and unoffensive on T.V. that it's "safe" to watch with my kids! And I'm loving those shoes. What kind are they? Thanks for the laughs, Mer!

Emily said...

I feel like I've set the bar too high for myself for 10 on the 10th. I just can't think of anything as funny as all my accidents.

Although, last night someone found my blog by searching "top ten kitchen accidents" which I thought was pretty funny!

Sounds like we have similar (read: annoying) pets!

Sitesx6 said...

regarding the word verification.


I loathe loathe loathe hate hate hate them.....when they are all blurry and smushed together and I can't even tell what the dang word IS...let alone type it out.

Yesterday I was trying to leave a comment and it took me four different word verifications to find ONE I could read in order to type it back out......NOW THAT IS ANNOYING!!!!!!!

:) I love the picture you took of yourself when you dropped your camera. It is cool actually.

Happy Friday
Kelly in Michigan

Amber said...

I love this list, Mer.


I needed a good laugh today.

I TOTALLY forgot today was 10 on the 10th day. I'll have to get mine going here in a little bit. So much for unplugging today....HA!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm laughing that your shoes colored your toenails orange. For most of that paragraph, I thought you had painted your toes orange to match your shoes.

I'm an au natural girl too, at least when it comes to my fingernails. I never paint them. But my toenails? That's where I let my crazy out.

Gretchen said...

Lurve the upcloseandpersonal shot of your nares, Mer.

How about...When I fartigo away from others and hope they don't notice.

I may be able to steal the pc long enough to join in the reindeer games on this one.

I thought Wipe Out looked stupid, but I'll give it a go if you say it's good.

Melissa Stover said...

cute shoes!
my baby would probably do that too (the pictures). she's pretty attached to all things boobish.

Chloe m said...
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Chloe m said...

I loved this post. Very hilarious, thanks for the laughs. And thanks for visiting my blog. I am so glad I am not the only one with strange toenails. And the word verifications can be funny . I wish we could have a dictionary made up of these strange words, I got the word Witchy once. What are they trying to tell me?

Amber said...

Totally got excited with the Mr. Linky and posted mine twice. Have no idea how to take the extra off....sorry!

Carpool Queen said...

The nose, the nose! Had me laughing out loud this afternoon.

Fartio - what you call aerobic conditioning after eating Mexican food.

"I think I'll do a little fartio to work off those enchiladas. "

Jacquie said...

That bifocal thing? ... it sneaks up on you real quick!

Love the windshield. You see lots of that stuff here in Arkansas. Ha!

Jackie said...

Mer, you are hilarious! I don't know which is funnier, the nose picture, or walking around with tissue on your ankle (that would SO be me), or the orange "polish".

Robin said...

LOL at the post and the comments! Love the breastfeeding pic, going to post it on a forum I am on.

Unknown said...

oh this definitely brought me a little laughter :-) thanks for sharing!

ps - I just popped over from CPQs blog - I'm looking forward to reading some more!

Unknown said...

I love the Keens! we are a big keen family over here (we all have a pari) so it isn't just a CO thing!

Loved the baby pictures! so Funny!

Unknown said...

Oh and in college I drove a Toyota celica convertible that was literally held together with duct your three pieces of blue tape looks way better!

Holly said...

Aw, I forgot this month!

The last one was hilarious!!!

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

I so wanted to participate this month but it totally snuck up on me! I need to put it on my calendar. I can't ever think of 10 things on the fly~I need time:)
Love your list! Funny, funny!

Branch's & Twigs said...

I recently came across your blog. We visit CO every summer and LOVE it. We recently decided to look into moving to CO from TX. We love the Buena Vista area but from our research we would not be able to make enough money to survive there. Any suggestions? We want the close community feel but my husband is a police man & I'm a teacher so we definately are not millionaires and need to be able to live somewhere that we can make enough money. Any input would be fantastic.

If you want you can visit my blog:


Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

That was very fun to read! Dog poo in the laundry room is definitely no fun. Neither is dog hair everywhere, but at least it doesn't smell, right?

Love those shoes. I sometimes miss being a Colorado girl. I lived there through high school and college. (CSU)

Janet Lea said...

I really LOVE those orange shoes!!

Thanks for letting us share with you :)

Nina Diane said...

made me laugh....thanks!

Scott Family said...

very fun idea :)