Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wishful thinking on this Wednesday...

I wish today had been a snow day. It's snowing (and blowing) but looks like our district is having school.

I wish that I had time today to pull out my sewing machine and finish the kids costumes. (Wow, never thought I'd say that but weirdly, it's true).

I wish I had a day to stay at home this week. And I wish the next two weekends weren't so full.

I wish I had time to blog about the two salesgirls I've encountered in the last few weeks who have given me a major complex about my wrinkles.

I wish I had time to blog, period.

And I wish I had time to read and comment on the posts that are piling up in my google reader. I feel like such a bad blog friend these days.

I wish every day could be like Monday was for me this week. I started out with a heavy heart, but God sent some dear friends my way and TOTALLY redeemed the day. I will blog about it as soon as I quit meeting myself coming and going.

I wish October didn't feel so busy.

I wish I was drinking a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks right now. (Yes, I'm addicted).

I wish the Razorbacks hadn't had to play the referees AND the Gators on Saturday. I'm still bitter about their loss. I wish I could get over it.

I wish breakfast would make itself. But it won't. So I must go.


By the way, this week John is giving away a book and a notebook. If you're interested, there is still time to enter his giveaway.


Gretchen said...

Wish we lived closer so that I could take us to Starbucks. I really could use a PSL about right now. I was so craving a latte yesterday.

Carpool Queen said...

I'm bitter about the Razorback loss as well. I wasted ten minutes of date night standing in front of a TimeWarner Cable kiosk at the mall watching to see what would happen, only to be sorely disappointed.

I wish YOU a good day.

The Bowden's said...

We all have days like this. I've kind of had one today myself. Trying to enjoy the fall weather, as it's sunny out here today but still. Today was just another blah day for me! :)

Amber said...

Ugh. That Razorback game. Still have a bad taste in my mouth about it, too.

Hope you find some time to relax and rest this week.

2cats said...

I am sorry about the Razorbacks. I don't know who or what they are but I am sorry you are sad.
Maybe if you Google your drink and recipe site will come up and you can learn how to make it at home. Then you can have an escape anytime you need it.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

My mom told me it snowed all day! Wow. (I'm not sure if I should say I'm sorry or not!)

I stopped for a pumpkin latte yesterday and THAT'S where my van just stopped. In the drive-thru!! It was a little nerve wracking. At least I got my coffee though, yes?

Wrinkles?? Whatever.

Oh, what ARE their costumes? :) I'm hoping I'm not in the hospital... how sad would that be?

Lauren said...

Seriously Mere, with time your loss will get easier….. But I am soooooooooo basking in the Gators win!!!! :)

Unknown said...

Totally with ya on the Razorback game! ugh...just makes me ill!

Glad you got a little time at home this morning :) See ...wishes do come true!

Also...guess what!? I'm a published freelance writer!! Crazy!