Saturday, January 09, 2010

10 on the 10th!

It's once again time for 10 on the 10th. I tried this afternoon to come up with a list of ten things I learned in 2009, or ten goals I have for 2010, but honestly it was much easier to come up with ten random things about myself. So that's what I'm rolling with.

10 Random Things About Me

1. John and I are going to start unplugging on Sundays. He did that for a long time but I was always too chicken to join him. He's gotten out of the habit over the last several months and he mentioned over breakfast today that he was ready to start back up. I'm joining him and we start tomorrow. I'll be honest; I'm scared.

We try pretty hard to make Sundays look different than the other six days of our week. We limit the time our kids spend on "screens"--video games, computer, television--and we want to be a better example to them. Much easier said than done.

2. I'm addicted to The Bachelor. Every season I tell myself that I'm not going to watch. And every season I get sucked in. I watched the premiere last week and don't know if I can avoid tuning in this week. I don't watch a ton of television (besides football!) so that's how I justify it.

3. I'm also addicted to Twitter. I waste way too much time there every day. Because it's just fun. Fun, but addictive.

4. I seem to be on an addiction confession kick so I'll go ahead and let you know that I'm also addicted to my tweenagers music. Miley Cyrus? Selena Gomez? Yep. I like 'em. The kids all got iTunes cards for Christmas and I helped them download a bunch of songs last weekend. I put all their songs on my iPod too.

5. Back before Christmas, Kelly posted a link to this hair-poofing video on her blog. I desperately want to tell you that it has transformed my daily hair routine but I don't want you to think I'm superficial. I have lots of thick hair (a blessing, I know) but the weight of it pulls it down and my style doesn't hold it's shape very long or very well. I'm not about to buy a BumpIt (hello, Elvira) so this video was just what I needed. Go watch it. It's kinda long and the girls are from Arkansas so they have a twangy accent (which I love because I'm an Arkansas girl) but maybe it will revolutionize your hair too!

6. I loved all your questions from my last post. Some of you were disappointed and some of you were curious about why I closed the comments. I did it because I was getting overwhelmed with the questions. I want to be able to answer them all but if I let you keep asking I would be answering questions into 2011. Definitely have some great blog fodder though! Thank you!

7. After FOUR years of not using any artificial sweetener (aspartame, saccharine, Splenda, etc) I caved and started drinking diet soda again. I'm a big fan of Diet Dr. Pepper these days. It satisfies my sweet tooth without sugar. I usually drink one every couple of days.

I gave up on artificial sweeteners because they're really, really bad for you. Sugar isn't great for you either but it is more natural. It sorta feels like I'm just trading one bad thing for another, but as long as my scale keeps following a downward trend, I'm okay with it. By the way, I do not like Stevia. At all.

8. I got a new coat for Christmas. I can't remember if I blogged about it or not, but my husband did and his post made me cry. Wanna see a picture?

(Hey look, proof that I really do wear make-up. And notice the poofed hair?)

9. I get really sad sometimes that my kids are getting so big. Next month my son will be a teenager. Oh my gosh. Sarah is so close on his heels (they're only 17 months apart) and my baby is no longer a baby. These days are golden. And I'm very aware of it. If anyone figures out a way to make time stand still or for me to have a baby without ever being pregnant again, please let me know.

10. I have Season I of Glee on dvd and I'm dying to start it because I've heard so many great things. I cannot wait. If I can get this post finished in time we might even start tonight!!! And maybe it will be so wonderful that I can resist the lure of The Bachelor on Monday. Ha. Doubt it.


Okay. If you want to play along, just post a list of ten things (ANYTHING you want) on your blog and link up below. I'll be offline on the 10th but I'll be anxious to read your posts on the 11th!


Rosey said...

You look so cute! I do love your hair, I am so going to check out that video. Thanks...
Good list... I wish I had time to play along this time but it's my husband's birthday and I must go slave over a pie. :)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Enjoy your unplug Sundays! Do you guys play board games, go places, or do what to avoid the tv, video, etc?

I'm addicted to so many things, I couldn't even begin to list them all. Yours are nothing, believe me! I'm surprised you picked back up Diet Dr Pepper though. You got me with that one, I thought you were a die-hard, LOL!

Your new coat is wonderful, and what a great picture!!! Love it!

Have a wonderful day :)

Holly said...

I've been unplugged this weekend, but stopped in to join you this month. I really enjoy reading everyone's!

I love your coat, Mer, and hair and makeup--and want to borrow Glee when you're done. I would also like to borrow "The Help," since it will probably be 2012 before my name comes up at the library :)

Have a wonderful day tomorrow--praying it is wonderfully set apart each week for your family (and for mine, too).

Emily said...

Oh, I love Diet DP too. Well, truth be told, I love real DP, but Diet DP is an acceptable substitute when I'm trying to loose a little weight (like right now).

I CRACKED up at that hair poof video. I went to OBU at the same time as Jennifer. My hair is way to curly to try "the poof". I would look like Bozo the Clown if I teased my hair. Ha!

You will LOVE Glee, I'm just sure of it. I've watched the first two episodes and I'm hooked.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

That's a great idea. I'll attempt unplugging tomorrow (unless I forget, and then... well...)

I think CO makes for even flatter hair. My hair is so limp when I come visit! My mom complains when she comes here because she LIKES flat hair. LOL.

#9 would be called "adoption."

SUCH a cute coat. :)

Melissa Stover said...

i watched that hair poofing video and have been trying it. i'm not very good at it. not patient.

going to link up. i have something in progress.

i rarely spend time on the computer on sunday, however, we all eat her sundays and usually someone has my laptop out or is on the desktop since most of my family does not have highspeed internet access in their homes. they are all checking their facebooks!

Tree Frog Creations... said...

LOVE the coat! I so enjoy reading your blog. I wish now we had spent more time getting to know each other better in college! Maybe someday we will live in the same state again!
:-) Have a great Sunday!

Kendra said...

LOVE that coat! Where did you get it from? Since we're many states apart maybe you won't mind if I sport the same one?

You will become a great Glee addict. Just wait until you'll download all the songs off of itunes. You'll enjoy Glee over and over again!

I need to learn to poof. I used to have big hair until my thyroid died Now I have thin limp hair unless I put in a lot of gunk which I can't stand. I need to think like Dallas Divas and get to poofing again!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Great list. We make our boys unplug from video games on Sundays & I've been feeling like hubs & I ought to set a better example. Not that we're always playing games, but we're on the laptops more than we should be sometimes.

I like your coat. It looks warm and cozy. A much needed item here in Colorado.

I totally get #9. I only have two, but my boys are 17 months apart and my youngest will be 15 in March. They do grow terribly fast. But I have no answers for you on that one. It does make me grateful to homeschool them, though. I get to enjoy them more during this time of life.

Deidre said...

Love that coat, Meredith and John's post about made ME cry. So sweet.

I watched that video a few weeks ago but haven't had time to try it yet. I need to!

*carrie* said...

I keep hearing about Glee, but have never looked into it. Same with Twitter!

If you need a baby fix, I'd gladly let you watch Natalie for awhile. =)

O Mom said...

I don't know what it is about the Bachelor either. I always say I am not watching it. I didn't watch the first night, but then last night they aired it again and I watched!

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

I also love your coat and Johns' post about it. So very touching!
I try to unplug all day on Saturday but am not always consisten with it. Good reminder to be more mindful.
I get really sad about the kids getting big too. Feels like it's going by so incredibly fast and I can't take it all in. This time of year makes me feel that way too plus we have some changes coming up for next school year and I get sad/happy thinking about it. Very mixed emotions!
I linked up!

JenB said...

I read John's post. So sweet. You two kids! :)

And seriously, that coat is awesome! I love it!

I'm sucked into the Bachelor too. It's like a car wreck! CAN'T. LOOK. AWAY.

Janet Lea said...

I love Glee!! I was hooked on episode #1!

Kecia said...

You wanna see some poofy hair? Have you ever seen my poof my hair? Oh boy. I'll have to send you a pic. in a private message...
Enjoyed your list!

Amber said...

CUTE coat!!! :)

I'm a Diet Dr. Pepper girl, too. LOVE it.

And I'm addicted to The Bachelor, too. And Glee. And I would so pick Glee over the pilot hottie. So glad that I don't have to choose though!

Oh...and it is possible that I have the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus on my iPod, too...they are just so good!

Brooke said...

Thank you for a fun linky! Sorry I goofed up my link the first time. You have a lovely blog!

Ali said...

What an awesome coat! I love it! Also loved your husband's sweet post about you! I think it's cool that you waited so long to buy a coat....I like that you are careful with your money but, not down over having to wait! I think that is one reason I'm drawn to your blog because your family seems to really love spending time together, you are focused on building memories and enjoying time together not on buying stuff! I really want that for my little family! I like that your family enjoys staying home together reading, watching movies, playing games, etc. I'm always telling my husband about your family! I hope my 3 kids will be just as close and want to spend time together when they are older! We let them spend the night together on Christmas Eve and it was super cute! Thanks for posting about your sweet kid's slumber parties together!

I love Diet Dr. Pepper add some Cherry at Sonic and I'm a super happy girl! I didn't know diet drinks were so bad health wise! I thought I was being healthy drinking diet!

So is adoption an option for you all? Sorry if that is too personal just ignore!

As far a Bachelor I have a love hate relationship with that show! I love to watch and discuss what wrong with it in every single way (while calling my sister on commercial breaks)my husband and I don't have cable or tivo so I watch it live! I managed not to watch last Monday but, I know I'll be drawn in like a moth to a flame tomorrow night! :) I too don't watch much TV - just The Bachelor and The Amazing Race!

Wow, that was way too long of a comment! Oops! Hope I don't cause you to close the comments again! Haha! :)

Rachel said...

Such a stylish and warm-looking coat! Your hair looks great, too! And your husband's post inspired me to keep on plugging on joyfully with whatever resources we do, or don't, have.

Have a great week!

Sami said...

I did 10 on the 10th again. I love it! But I'm a weirdo and re-posted the link from last time so I had to do it again. Oops... :)

amy in peru said...

Thanks for this post, it saved me tonight! I found the link over at Marsha's Other Such Happenings.

Same here on Stevia... tried it. I tried to make myself think I liked it for a long time, but in the end I just couldn't believe myself anymore.

I'm interested in what Season of Glee is, I'll have to take a look.

Amy in Peru

Anonymous said...

I need to make some unplugged rules for myself. I'm discovering that I just have to set boundaries for myself. Wish I could be disciplined without them, but it's not happening. Along those lines, I'm going to try a DAY without sugar...we'll just start small and work up. But Mer, artificial sweetener? You sure?

LOVE the coat!! You look beautiful. And yes, Glee is the best. It's my newest guilty pleasure.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

I did it! (I know, finally, right?)

Also unplugged yesterday, thanks to you, which is why I posted today.

Elizabeth said...

Love the idea of unplugging. I would like to do it for an entire weekend, but doubt it will ever happen. I just always feel so refreshed afterwards, so maybe starting with just sundays will motivate me. I "unplug" from so many other things on Sundays it just makes sense to add the computer to it.

I never got to ask a question before you closed comments. I'll be quick next time! I'm looking forward to your answers, by the way. You are one fascinating lady!

I've never watched the Bachelor, or Glee, or done Twitter. Thinking about trying them all this week!