Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shallow? Who Me?

Time to answer another question, this one from Gretchen, who asks:

What is your make up regimen/product line? Because honestly, your face looked so flawless and beautiful when I saw you. And because I'm shallow, I want me summathat. Please don't tell me it's your natural genes. Because I'm shallow, and I want me summathat.

I got to see Gretchen when she was in Colorado visiting family for Christmas. I honestly don't know whether to laugh at her comment about my flawless face, or be thankful that Chili's was dimly lit and/or she forgot to put her contacts in that morning. It's hard for me to take a compliment, but thank you, Gretchen.

So...she wants to know my makeup regimen/product line.

Prepare to be amazed.

Here is my make-up in my fancy-schmancy box.

I went a little over a year without buying any make-up and trying to use up the surplus I had. I'd heard good things about Bare Minerals and when my very last drop of foundation was gone, I splurged and bought this starter kit. I decided to go for the kit because it came with all the brushes, and was cheaper than buying it all individually.

I really like it. I wasn't convinced at first, but I finally figured out that the Skin Rev-ver Upper that came in my kit was causing my break outs so I quit using that and have only had the occasional, predictable outbreaks.

Here's a peek at the inside of my box and the rest of the stuff I use. If you're really curious, you should be able to click and zoom in on it.

I like BeautiControl blush and concealer. My lipliner, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipsticks are from Ulta. I like this mascara. I don't wear a ton of makeup, and I don't even wear it every day but I definitely look and feel better when I do.

As far as taking care of my skin--honestly, I'm pretty lax. I love Neutrogena facewash and moisturizer. I use the Estee Lauder one my wrinkly under eye area (I have one more sample jar before I have to break down and buy some). I really should be more diligent about taking care of my skin. I'm starting to notice a lot more wrinkles.


Okay, one more question.

Carlee, my real life friend that I used to pound the pavement with, who started a blog and didn't even tell me!!! read somewhere on my blog that I loved SmartWool socks (I do! I do!) and now she loves them too. She asks: What else do you love?

Well, my list is subject to change on a daily basis, but here are some things off the top of my head:

Larabars Key lime pie and Coconut cream pie are my faves! They're fruit and nut bars and are naturally sweetened so I ate one the other day when I was craving sugar.

James Avery Jewelry. My friend gave me the idea of starting a "faith bracelet" for my girls and giving them a charm for each of their spiritual milestones--baptism, first communion, confirmation, etc. I wish I had thought to do that for them at Christmas. I love James Avery because he uses lots of spiritual symbols.

Caribou Coffee. I drink lots of different brands of coffee, but this one is my favorite as of late. I like it even better when a bag is on sale for $5 and I have a coupon for $2 off!!!

Eddie Bauer curvy fit jeans. These jeans fit me perfectly, probably because I'm curvy. They retail for $60 (I would never pay that much for a pair of jeans!) but we have an EB outlet close by and I got mine for $30. I popped in there after Christmas and they were on sale for $19.99

Glee! And the Glee soundtracks! (Thank you, Heather!!!) John and I are halfway through Season I on dvd and we're hooked. I may or may not have a ginormous crush on Will Schuester.

I also love...
my crock pot (and the pork and black bean chili that it is cooking for me!)
my church and especially my mom's group there
my ratty Arkansas sweatshirt
Aleve for ridding my neck of it's painful crick this morning
and little girls who crawl up in your lap to snuggle and giggle while showing you their "art".


Melissa said...

Thanks for all the great links!

Where do you buy the Larabars?

Elizabeth said...

Love the artwork!

I need to try the LaraBars, because I discovered my beloved Luna Bars actually have a lot of sugar. I need chocolate though.

I've loved JA since college. I still love collecting jewelry from their store.

Trying that yummy recipe soon!

Emily said...

Love Bare Minerals. I've been using it for about 4 or 5 years and that stuff lasts forever!

I didn't care for the skin rever-uper either... too harsh for me.

And Glee... I'm getting the third disc in the mail tonight. YAY!

Anonymous said...

do you get the petite ED curvy jeans? do they carry petites at the outlets?

Carpool Queen said...

I have a drawer full of Lara Bars - Love 'em. I tried Bare Minerals, but I had to bail on them. Apparently if you have pores large enough in which to sink battleships, it's not the right kind for you.

I envy your pores.

Brooke said...


Thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog. I've been meaning to get back with you because you asked for the chicken and dumpling recipe I was making for dinner. IT WAS AWFUL! Not worth sharing, unfortunately. I used canned biscuits, and I'm with you, I don't like em! They tasted like nasty, slimy little dough balls. Ick. BUT the experience did inspire me to experiment with homemade dumplings, and if I hit on something delectable I'll be sure to let you know. :)

I'm extremely impressed with your "no sugar" will power. I'll confess to you that I have a Tootsie Pop in my mouth as I type, and I don't even like Tootsie pops very much. It's just been one of those days.....

Don't know where I'd be without the Bare Minerals rage that's sweeping the nation. Isn't that the greatest stuff? I'm always curious to read about blogger's favorites, and the lists and recommendations I've read have sparked more than just a few shopping trips for random items! Ha!

Have a good night.

Tiffani said...

Loved this post!

I use Bella Terra Minerals (basically the exact same thing as yours except sold at the kiosk at the mall) and I love them...wasn't sold at first either but have grown to love them deeply!!

I got free Larabars after my last 5K, not so much a fan...

I will fight you for Mr. Schu ;)and I adore Glee.

(have you seen the episode w/ Kristin Chenoweth yet?--it's a fave)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Love, love, love this kind of post! It shows so much about you, and gives us all some great ideas about products we might never have heard of :)

Maybe one day I can talk myself into splurging on "nice" makeup. I still use stuff I can buy at Walmart or Target, and only when I have to. I'm soo glad I don't have wear it every day, such a relief!

I wish we had Caribou Coffee around here, but I don't think we do. We're pretty set on a Guatemalan one we get at Sam's (of all places!). And I wish we had even our Eddie Bauer here still, they closed it over a year ago. An outlet would be tons better :)

Ok, now I'm off to check out that chili recipe! I wish it would cool off again down here, we have been in the 70's the past couple of days. Ugh. So NOT January! Enjoy your winter as long as you can :)

Gretchen said...

Dang. You must just be beautiful, because I wear a lot of bare minerals, and I don't look as good as you. Curses. Right now, my base is Mary Kay, but I've used tons of BE. Lurve the eyeshadows and lipglosses, but what is UP with how dirty they make your bathroom?

I heart Ulta, too.

I'm so glad you're on the gLee bandwagon. Isn't it the BEST?! You can have Schu if I can have Finn. sigh. Going to my happy place now.

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

I love bare minerals! I just have to be sure and have moisturizer on :) These dry colorado winters are going to do me in!

Brenda said...

I'm so excited that there's an Eddie Bauer Outlet close. That's the only jeans I wore for a long time. I looked online for a store around here when we got here and was disappointed that there wasn't one. But I didn't think of an outlet store.

Nina Diane said...

such cute, cute toes!

Dee Dee said...

Emma asked for a charm bracelet from Todd's parents when she got baptised, and, no lie, she said she wanted a Bible charm to remember to read the word, a phone to remind her to talk to God, and some shoes to remind her to walk with God. I was blown away, to say the least. Oh, the whole point was that we wound up at James Avery...I get easily distracted!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a makeup junkie even though I don't wear tons of it at one time. I tried BE, left, and came back, only to leave again. I'm using a liquid minerals foundation that I really like.

My big frustration is finding a really good moisturizer. That's becoming a much bigger issue than it ever has been before.

YAY, GLEE!! Speaking of shallow, I love Shu's hair!

Anonymous said...

I'm a makeup junkie even though I don't wear tons of it at one time. I tried BE, left, and came back, only to leave again. I'm using a liquid minerals foundation that I really like.

My big frustration is finding a really good moisturizer. That's becoming a much bigger issue than it ever has been before.

YAY, GLEE!! Speaking of shallow, I love Shu's hair!

sara said...

I love JA. my kids purity rings are from JA and my husband and I each wear one. when we left our church in TX, they gave me a JA charm bracelet and each lady gave me a charm for it. I still cherish it!

caribou it...can't get it in AR!! argh!

Need to look up Larabars...never heard of them!

I love, LOVE my crock pot....use it 1-2 times every week!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved "getting to know you better" through this! FYI: I buy REI brand socks that are just like SmartWool & they actually have a bit more wool in them. They hold up great! My son is VERY picky about his clothing & he likes them better too (he is in Special Ops in the Navy & is 32... & we wear the same kind of socks! He taught me about them before I went to Germany/Austria to see him last winter & I wore them all winter, & have again this winter, too.
At the risk of sounding... dumb?... What is "Glee"?
I love my crock pot & use it a lot!

Sandy M. said...

Didn't mean to be anonymous.. I hit the publish button too soon!

Unknown said...

So fun seeing what makeup you use! I don't wear a lot of make-up either. ANd most days only moisturizer, powder and mascara, but I love smashbox!

Enjoyed reading your list. I have to say though that I think Larabar's are terrible. I've tried several flavors and they all taste like dates to me. I'm thinking that she must use dates for natural sweetener, but its just too much!

I've never tried the EB jeans! I'll have to check them out!