Monday, August 23, 2010

Loves of late

Things I'm loving of late...

Basil plants sprouting up. I finally got tired of buying fresh basil and bought some seeds so I could grow my own. I use lots of fresh basil when I cook. Love it.

Emeril's Kicked-Up Tuna Melts. Oh my. We love these. The recipe is from Everyday Food magazine and I've never made a single recipe from that magazine that wasn't wonderful.

I love this quote from Annie Proulx:
"I read omnivorously, I always have, my entire life. I would rather be dead than not read. So, there's always time for that. I read while I eat, and our whole family did. We all had very bad manners at the table. All of our books are stained with spaghetti sauce, and that sort of thing."
I love even more that my husband sent that quote to me with a note that said: This reminds me of our family.

I love the rhythm that our weekends have developed over the last year--they feel almost sacred to us.

Our dairy delivery service. After taking a break for a year or so, we started it back up again this summer. It seems so quaint to open our front door and retrieve milk and eggs and bread and lots of other things from our dairy box. The only thing I don't love is that the eggs come in styrofoam cartons. I haven't found any place that recycles styrofoam.

I love that it's almost football season. Specifically I love that it's almost SEC football season. Twelve more days, and yes, I'm counting. I've been excited about college football since all the pre-season SEC chatter started in July! I love that the Hogs are ranked #17 right now. And love that I get to go to a Razorback game this year! Go Hogs Go!!!

I also love that my sister's due date is almost here. We can't wait to meet her little guy! She's due in less than two weeks.

Trader Joe's Joe. It's my very favorite. Thanks to my friends, Julie and Lane, I have enough to last me for awhile!

Mondays. I really have grown to love the fresh start to my week! Hope your Monday is a really great one.


*carrie* said...


I wrote about basil this morning, too! Yum.

My family used to get Royal Crest delivery as well. Such a neat old-fashioned concept!

Stephanie Kay said...

Jealous that you get to go to a Hogs game. Yesterday at Walmart I walked by a car with RI license plates and a Hogs decal on the bumper. Made me want to wait for them to come out and ask if we can be friends. :)

Carpool Queen said...

How cool is a dairy service?????!!! I need to see if Raleigh has a similar program.

At our rate of consumption, though, maybe I should just buy a cow.

Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

Oh Mer! How I have missed your blogging but I do understand about being quiet and resting. You should check with the dairy service to see if they will take back their own cartons and reuse them. Maybe they will understand you wanting to conserve the earth.
I'm glad that you are lovin' Monday's again. Have a great day!

Angela said...

I love a sister Hog fan!! Woo Pig Sooie!

Christy said...

Our basil went wild this year! We had more than we could use or put away. Hope you have a great harvest!

Unknown said...

I pretty much love a post that starts with fresh baby basil, and ends with TJ coffee!

gail said...

we got dairy delivery long ago and i liked it too, except for the prices. so much more expensive for us.

love me some college football too. did you see that boise state is ranked #3? the world will see this year it is not a fluke. go Broncos!!!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Andy brought home 5 basil plants from work this summer! I'm trying not to kill them in the hot, hot, heat. Tips? I know they like full sun...

His Girl said...

I am LOVING growing herbs for the first time, too! the basil makes me super super happy.

I would like a dairy delivery, too. My grandma used to have that when we were small, and I have fond memories.

catching up on bogls at last... can't wait to see what else you've got!