Friday, August 13, 2010

Meredith vs the Computer

I consider myself a tech-savvy girl. I understand how things work. I know some html code. I can figure most things out pretty quickly. And my husband asks me for advice and help with techy stuff fairly often.

Despite my confidence in my techy abilities I found myself in a heated battle with my cell phone and my computer last weekend.

I took some pics with my phone while we were at the Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs that I wanted to retrieve.

I plugged the USB cord into my phone and computer but my computer wouldn't recognize my phone. Hmmmmmm. That's interesting.

Come to find out, my phone (Samsung) isn't compatible with my MacBook's operating system.
Are you KIDDING me?

That is so unbelievable to me.

Obviously, I didn't do my homework when I upgraded my phone. I really only use my phone for calling, texting, and taking pics so I don't need to sync my contacts/email stuff, but because my computer wouldn't recognize my phone and because we don't own non-Apple computers, it was looking more and more like I couldn't retrieve those pics.


I'm not one to give in easily.

I kept googling and googling and googling and an hour (or three) later I found a solution. I transferred the pics on my phone to my micro SD card and was able to move them--one at a time--to my computer. It was a painfully slow process but it worked.


And because I went to all that trouble I feel compelled to share these pics from the penny arcade and an evening ice cream run this week!
We had a FUN time at this arcade and we spent a grand total of $10. John and I battled each other at Centipede, and my kids discovered the wonderful world of Pacman/Ms Pacman. In fact, Will's new ringtone is Pacman and it cracks me up every time I hear it!

I don't love my Samsung phone (probably because I'm enamored with Apple and that incompatibility issue is just beyond ridiculous) but I've decided it takes decent pictures and now that I know how to retrieve them, I can live with my stupid (but free) Samsung phone until it's time to upgrade. In two years. Sigh.


Angie said...

What a pain! But what cute pictures.

I would LOVE to play Centipede. It was my favorite game.

Lauren said...

Technology, you gotta love it, but glad you beat this battle and were able to retrieve your pictures!! So cute and looks like a fabulous time!! :)

Anonymous said...

Feeling your pain--I have a Samsung phone and don't love it. Like yours, it was free. Oh, to have an iPhone that doesn't need AT&T!!!

Elizabeth said...

I have a friend in CO Springs who went to the penny arcade on the same day as you. You and her would really like each other!

Cathy said...

I've been a pathetic blog friend this summer, but since you mentioned this post, I had to come read!! In that "short" time I was away your kids went ahead and grew up! They look so much older. (and now you probably hate me for bringing that up:))

I wish I was tech-saavy but I am decidedly NOT.

Hubs and I just got an AMAZING deal on some Samsung phones. LOVE them. But they are our FIRST EVER "touch screen phones" or whatever you call them. And since I've never had an iPhone I don't know the diffence.

Guess I'm making up for lost time with this comment...maybe I should just blog instead....naaah.;)

O Mom said...

So proud of you. I am not techy at all, but have been known to be so determined to figure something out on the computer and have done it! And it does feel like such a victory!

Unknown said...

Yay! You ARE computer savvy! I wouldn't have ever thought of that. The Pics were worth the effort!

I don't love my phone either, and we are ATT so I could get an iphone but I can't see paying that huge bill! Anyway, my phone isn't compatible with our Mac either, but I can email an pic I want on the computer to my own email address...then I just save it to my hard drive. Maybe thats another option?

Happy Weekend!

Kecia said...

I love Centipede and the PacMans! And can't wait for my phone upgrade.
I loved reading about your girls' notes to each other. So sweet! My parents kept a running white board conversation with each other. I hope she never erased it.
I saw Trader Joe's in Santa Fe and thought, "Hey, I think I've read that on Mer's blog!" But I was tensely following my GPS and didn't stop.

Stephanie Kay said...

Yeah for battling technology and winning! When I have a problem I just call my tech guy. He always comes through for me. He's also my handyman. My plumber. My electrician. And cooks some yummy chocolate chip pancakes. :D

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

WOW!! Impressed with your techy ability! Great pics too!

Amber said...

Totally worth the painstaking work it took to retrieve those pics. Very cute.

And I love old arcade games!! I rocked some Ms. Pacman back in the day.

Amber said...

Totally worth the painstaking work it took to retrieve those pics. Very cute.

And I love old arcade games!! I rocked some Ms. Pacman back in the day.

SZM said...

Judging by the photos, totally worth it! Can I be your kids? That looks like fun!