Thursday, August 26, 2010

Merci Beaucoup!

Thanks so much for all the answers you chimed in with yesterday! Elizabeth thanks you as well, and we're both thrilled to have some new recipes and a cookbook or two to try. As for the teenage social scheduling thing, you guys had some good thoughts there too. The biggest thing I struggle with is not knowing the parents of the kids who invite my kids. I think it's just plain weird to have zero communication with them and then entrust my child to them for an afternoon or evening. My kids usually end up disappointed. Parenting is a tough job sometimes.

Today is super busy for me. I'll be going pretty much non-stop from the time school starts until bedtime (just keep swimming, just keep swimming) but I just wanted to pop in before things get crazy and let you know how much I appreciated your answers to the questions from yesterday. Merci beaucoup! Have a wonderful day!!!