Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday's this and that

I'm feeling listy and random today....

::: We sent Will off on his confirmation trip yesterday after church. He's going with the nine other kids who were confirmed with him on a fun trek all over Colorado this week. They're accompanied by our pastors and I think they're in for a super fun week! They'll do different service projects, have focused Bible time, and they have some awesome hiking and fun planned as well! I already miss him like crazy but hope he has a great week! I realize I still haven't blogged about his confirmation (and I intend to!) but John posted his thoughts here.

::: Within a few hours of his return, Sarah leaves for Younglife camp. I'm only going to have two kids at home for the next two weeks. That is so weird.

::: Speaking of Younglife, John and I recently agreed to be on the Younglife committee for our area. We're looking forward to serving with a lot of great folks!

::: My yard sale weekend was a success. I made more money that I thought I would and had a BLAST hanging out with some of my favorite neighbors! I also have cleaner closets and MUCH less junk. Win-win-win!

::: Abbey has a yucky summer cold. It started as a cough and progressed into a full blown cold. Poor thing. It's no fun to feel bad in the summer!

::: Since Will is gone this week the girls and I have some girly shopping days planned. Sarah needs a few things for camp next week and they both need a new swimsuit. I'm kinda dreading the swimsuit shopping a little bit...but shhhhhhh...don't tell them that.

::: We're getting excited about going to Arkansas in July. My brother and his wife are expecting a baby girl in mid-July and my kids are anxious to meet her! They're also excited about seeing their other little cousin (he'll be ten months old when we're there), and of course hanging out with their two cousins who are much closer in age. Sometimes I feel sad that we live so far away from our families.

::: Some of our other vacation plans are still coming together. Looks like John and I are going to get away alone for several days and we are both excited about that! :)

::: I'm considering turning our AC on today. It's supposed to get pretty warm. Isn't that just comical to those of you who live in the south and have been running your air conditioner since, ummmm, February? Can I confess that the one part of our Arkansas trip I dread is the suffocating July heat and humidity?

::: That's all I've got today, folks. Hope your Monday is happy!

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