Saturday, June 11, 2011

Things I've realized lately

1. It's very easy to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day when water is all you can drink! No soda, no coffee, no tea for me. Just agua.

2. There is a BIG difference in what boys and girls pack for a week of camp. Oh my word.

3. Our house stays a lot cleaner during the school year. A whole lot cleaner. And the fridge and pantry stay fuller longer as well. Still, I wouldn't trade these summer days with my kiddos home for anything!

4. Tweens/teen girls really just want to hang out together--all day everyday. It doesn't matter if they're doing anything special or not, they just want to be together. And it helps if you feed them. I've said yes to lots of togetherness this week and it makes me happy that they seem to want to hang out at our house.

5. Manners matter. Maybe it's my southern roots but kids who have good manners are so much more enjoyable to be around than kids who have none at all.

6. There are very few good summer movies to look forward to this year. Harry Potter is the only one I'm really excited about.

7. That's all, folks. Enjoy your weekend!


SZM said...

Because I love lists, I shall comment list style...
1. I know, right? I drink 1-2 cups of coffee then water the rest of the day.
2. I am sure this is correct because when I packed my boys for camp a few years ago I put each outfit in a ziploc labeled for the day and all but one of the bags came back exactly as I sent them. Gross.
3. so true!
4. Not finding this true of boys
5. Amen!
6. Amen!

Gina said...

The kid next door has absolutely NO manners. On Tuesday, My 6 year old son made the wrong decision to take off with the kid next door to the school playground. He hasn't been allowed to play with the kid next door all week. Ah, heaven.
And, I will need to refinance my home to feed my crew of 6 kids this summer. 2 of those are teens/tween boys, 2 are not yet tween girls. That means that all of them will eat whatever isn't nailed down.

Emily said...

I'm looking forward to the latest Harry Potter as well! We saw the last Pirates a few weeks ago in 3D. It was just ehhh and the 3D gave me a headache!

Gretchen said...

I've been a mostly-water drinker for almost a year. I feel so much more healthy. (Other than a coffee drink treat or a decaf iced tea once in awhile). No sodas. I had a soda not too long ago and I felt so yucky afterwards. Read: gassy! :)

My kids want to see the Cars movie. Other than that, I'm with you on the movie thing. Sigh. I love a good movie.

Enjoy your day!

Deena said...

I love kids with manners! It makes such a difference.

Still worrying about you. Hope the food/drink restrictions are bringing about the desired results.

Judy Moody is a cute movie. Mimi treated J and I to the movies today. Did your girl read that series?

Summer food - it is harder to come up with lunch plans in the summer. Although I was sick of packing lunches, now everyday I think - "oh, what am I going to feed you?"

Enjoy your weekend!

OhioFamOf4 said...

We rarely take the kids to the movies, so we are hoping to take them to the free screenings of "older" movies this summer or to the dollar theater for ones that have been out the past few months. I'm frugal like that since we live on one income.

Hope the kiddos like camp!

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

I'm laughing at "The Frat Pack + Me"'s #2. Ha ha ha!

Oh, the manners. There are a few kids who come over who clearly have NONE. It is SO irritating. And what's worse, is that it's contagious, and my kids are not pleasant after being with them. It makes it easy to say "no" to playing with them! Grrr!

I want to stop drinking soda. I... just... can't. Must... have... Dr.. . Pepper....! :( I'm addicted for real.