Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Morning Post

It's Saturday. Hooray! I was able to sleep a little later than normal, but not nearly as late as I'd hoped I could. I'm just happy the hour hand was on the six this morning. I've had a couple mornings lately where it was on the four and even one morning it was on the THREE! And that's no bueno. 

This week was very good, but very full. I can't seem to find that pace (slow, but purposeful) that I really love and I'm hoping things settle down a bit in the next few weeks. I've always tried to have a couple of days each week that I spend at home and those kind of days have been few and far between lately. I think I might have to start scheduling them on the calendar to keep them free!

>begin rambling<

John walked in the kitchen one evening after work and found me slaving over dinner asked me to close my eyes. When I opened them he was holding a Spiced Pumpkin Yankee Candle. He'd read my last blog post about wanting a new candle for fall and so he picked one up for me. Sweet, eh? He also sent me to the mall with a very liberal shopping allowance to buy some jeans. He always has a generous heart towards me and our children but he outdid himself this week! 

We had two rainy, gloomy days this week that brought record amounts of rain to our area. I was thankful for the moisture, but I really miss the sun when it's overcast for that many days in a row. I'm so spoiled by Colorado's 300 days of sunshine a year. I picked Will up from a post-practice pasta dinner for his cross country team on Thursday evening just as the sky was starting to clear and in addition to a gorgeous rainbow spanning the sky, we noticed that Pikes Peak was wearing a fresh coat of snow! It was really beautiful! I was in the Springs yesterday and saw people everywhere stopping to take pictures. (I took a couple of pics but they're not very good!)

Gloomy fall days make me wish I could sit on the couch with my Slanket (ha!) and watch You've Got Mail. I think it's time for my annual viewing.

Will had a cross country meet yesterday afternoon in Denver. I'm so proud of him because he set a new PR of 23:18. His last run was 27:10 so that's almost FOUR minutes that he shaved off!!! Wow.

John's parents are coming for a visit next week! We're getting excited about that. They'll get to go to one of Will's XC meets and we have some other fun things planned. His parents are retiring and we're hoping more visits like this are in their future! We love where we live but often wish it weren't so far away from our family.

On tap for this weekend: 
Cleaning (since I didn't get much done this week!)
A hike with friends
FOOTBALL!!!! (Not too excited about the Razorbacks non-conference game this week but next week things start to get fun!)(I am excited about NFL and my fantasy team though.)
Bible study homework (we started The Patriarchs this week. I loooooove Old Testament! So excited!)
A meeting
And hopefully that's it.
Happy Saturday, everyone!

>/end rambling<

PS: I thought I was being all cute with my HTML code for rambling but I guess blogger read it as actual code and made it invisible so I inserted the words "begin" and "end". It still read it as (invisible) code so I had to reverse the < symbol to get it to appear as text. Interesting, huh? Looks like I still have much to learn. If you're not an HTML geek then you probably have no idea what I just said. Just nod and smile.


Stephanie said...

LOOOOVE studying the Patriarchs. If it's the Beth Moore one, that was one of my favorites. We're doing Acts this fall and I'm eating it up as well.

SZM said...

1. How sweet is your husband!
2. I just started a Bible study on Hebrews! Yay!
3. nodding + smiling

*carrie* said...

So did you find some jeans?

I broke out an apple crisp candle this week, and it makes me so happy to see the little flicker and smell that yummy scent. It's gotten quite chilly here this week, and definitely feels like fall!

Brenda said...

You're right, I'm not an HTML geek!
I was excited to see the snow too. We didn't get a ton of rain, just drizzle but definitely enjoying the feeling of fall. Nice to be able to get out and walk anytime during the day rather than super early or late because of the heat.
You've Got Mail is my all time favorite movie ever! Poor Sunny, living in a house with women and their chick flicks. However he has trained his girls to enjoy some 'clean' knock 'em dead shoot 'em out movies. That's when I get on here or go read a book!
Hope you can have a more relaxing your new jeans!

Kecia said...

Nodding and smiling, here. :)
And I love the title!

Cristina Wright said...

I love how your husband blessed you with those gifts! Hope you have a slow purposeful week!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

I hope your weekend turned out as planned! Our little school just started back up and the homework is, um, not fun. My mom's here! Till Friday!

I think we're coming for Christmas, will you be around??! :)

whimzie said...

Nodding and smiling with Kecia. Agreeing with Stephanie. Patriarchs may be my favorite Beth Moore study. Don't hold me to that, but I truly loved that one.

I completely get the pace thing. I feel like my house is getting away from me and I need some time to find some order and feather my nest for fall.

The John/candle story made me almost misty. I have several friends who are really struggling in their relationships and it's so unsettling. Kel and I are in a very good place and I so want that for my friends, too.

Yay, Will!!

Gretchen said...

Nodding and smiling. And so grateful for my "visit" with you this morning.

And yes, you have the 2nd best husband, ever. :)