Friday, September 09, 2011

Random 9

1. I have been crazy-busy lately. If you know me, you know I don't like being busy. Thank goodness our weekends have been slow-paced and relaxing, which makes me appreciate them all the more! The only things on my schedule for tomorrow and Sunday are happy things!

2. Some of those happy things include football! Have I mentioned I love football? I'm so excited about Fantasy Football starting this weekend (even though I guess it technically started last night) and excited for week two of college football. I have a hard time getting into Arkansas' non-conference games though so I have a few more weeks to get geared up for the Hogs' real SEC competition.

3. I experienced my first Grilled Cheese Thursday yesterday. Every other Thursday, our local Younglife makes a gazillion grilled cheese sandwiches for the students at both of our local high schools. The kids come in droves to devour them...and seriously...they can put away some grilled cheese! I think we went though sixty loaves of bread yesterday, which explains why I smelled like grilled cheese for the remainder of the afternoon! I also learned what a fluffernutter sandwich is. I will share that recipe soon.

4. Speaking of recipes...I made this this tequila-citrus grilled chicken last weekend and it was delicious! And I think I could eat this southwestern flank steak every single day.

5. We've had some great fall weather lately and I love it. I should be clear here. I like cool weather. We've had a cold day or two mixed in and I'm NOT ready for cold. I like to experience fall before winter.

6. We have a fun family getaway planned for later this month. I am so excited. More on that later.

7. I'm hosting Bunco tonight! I love my Bunco friends! It's rare that all twelve of us can make it every month (we usually have several subs) but it worked out all of us can come tonight. Should be fun. I am really looking forward to laughing with my peeps!

8. So...that situation I didn't want to talk about in my post last week about people thinking rules didn't apply to them? I was referring to the carpool line at our elementary school. I'm happy to report that the afternoon pick up procedures were tweaked a bit and my blood pressure has been normal all week! Hooray!

9. Anyone know why my phone keeps scrambling text messages to look like this?

John was TRYING to tell me to wear my bear bell on my hike. You got that message loud and clear, right? I've gotten three messages like that this week. Does this happen to you guys too? I'm so confused!

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I have found that I have an optimum level of busyness. Not enough and I feel a little restless. Too much (I'm looking at you, Yesterday), and I feel a little....screamy. Just right, and I feel highly productive and part of a winning team. It's just finding and maintaining that level that's challenging. I also need my busyness perfectly balanced with my down time. I'm discovering that I'm an intro-extrovert. Love people and want to be with them but I also need my white space.

Is that some weird seminary language he picked up somewhere? You may need to see if you can still buy those decoder rings that used to come in cereal boxes.

Hope your weekend is perfectly boring.

*carrie* said...

Fluffernutter: peanut butter and marshmallow, right? Eric grew up eating them, and we save our bread ends to make them on occasional Sunday nights.

Have fun at Bunco night!

Beth said...

Ah, the angst of carpool! It really does bring out the worst in some people. I've been snarled at, cut in line (not me, I was the one getting cut) and I had a friend who actually got yelled at by another parent. What's with people?! Glad it's better, hope afternoons are easier now ;)


ps. I'm going to try that chicken recipe you mentioned-yum!

SZM said...

never seen a text like that!

Kecia said...

I've never seen a text like that, either. Is he speaking in tongues? And I grew up on fluffernutter sandwiches, too, and loved them, but haven't had one in years. Of course, I also used to love butter and sugar sandwiches...

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I've had text do that! They only happen with one person. I'm wondering if it has something to do with incompatibility?

Hmmmm. Something to Google.

I know what you mean about liking the cool but not ready for the cold. We've had beautiful, summery weather this week, thanks to all the tropical storms creating a bubble of high pressure over the Midwest. But next Wednesday? Our high is 58. I know we'll have many more warm days after that. I think. I'm just scared. I'm scarred by last winter.

Angela said...

You can't read that text? You so totally need to jump on the "hip" train. It's code only cool kids can read.

Anonymous said...

Made the Southwestern flank steak the other night. Jeff and I are both already craving it again!

My old phone garbled texts like that but my phone was dying. Haven't had any on my iPhone like that.