Saturday, September 03, 2011

Wiser Now

Some things I realized, learned, or remembered this week.

--I learned it's very expensive to have a van window repaired, but it's sorta nice to be able to roll it down and have it go all the way back up again. I must say though, our body shop ROCKS! They found a part they were able to use instead of ordering a brand new one. Total repair cost ended up being $100 less than the price they quoted us just for the part.

--I realized (again)(much to my chagrin) that my body clock has no regard for Saturday and the fact it's the only day I can sleep in. I was up at 5:15 just like almost every day this summer. WHY can't I sleep late even when I want to?

--I learned that lightning, rain, and Friday night lights don't mix.

--I realized that I don't miss caffeine all that much until I drive past Starbucks and think about pumpkin spice lattes. Sigh.

--I remembered that swimming is the most intense cardio workout in the world (for me). I have a new respect for swimmers after swimming laps at the pool this week. Wowza. Swimming makes walking/hiking/theoccasionaljog feel like pseudo-cardio.

--I realized yesterday after a grocery/Costco run that the price of food is climbing. Either that or my family is just eating more these days. It's probably both. Realized too that we should probably re-evaluate our grocery budget since I can't seem to stay within it.

--I remembered that homework is a necessary fact of life and that I'll never be a fan.

--I also learned/realized/remembered that I really like blogging! And that I've missed it.

What about you? Learn anything new or realize something (again) this week? Wanna share your great wisdom? :)


OhioFamOf4 said...

Looks like I'll be first!

I realized this week that my coffee addiction is worse than ever, even after I had such a good year of giving it up last year. Darn holidays and gingerbread coffee from Trader Joe's.

I realized this week that I forgot how trying it is to get a kid with Asperger's to do his homework.

I realized this week that I was so excited for a day to myself when both kids were in school, and then when I got it I almost cried because I have no more little kids at home.

I got excited this week when the calendar flipped and I could say "my birthday's this month!" As a cancer survivor, birthdays aren't so bad. It's exciting to still be here when you could have faced the alternative.

I realized this week that bible study starts back up in less than two weeks and I'm SO excited. I've missed my girls since school let out. My life is not complete without my bible study.

I realized just now my daughter needs to be ready to cheer at her football game soon and I better get off the computer so I can fight with her to get her hair in a pony tail. Five going on 13.

Have a great weekend!

Gina said...

I realized that I hate the first week of school and all the syllabi, behavioral contracts, internet access permission slips, and volunteer forms I have to sign. The 2 in elementary are not so bad, it's the 3 in middle and high school that are giving me fits- these forms come from EACH teacher. Help! I am drowning in papers! Nobody light a match!

Brenda said...

Since Chels is moving back on Tues., (woohoo!!!)this past week (well, actually since I've know she's coming home)I've realized how much I've been needing to depend on God to help me in my role as mommy (for 10 yr old Grace) and now mom/friend for Chels. Seems daunting to me, but the Lord keeps telling me Don't worry, and you know what? it's working! Every time I start my 'mom worrying' I've been able to give it right back to Him and begin praying instead of fretting! Does this even make sense?!

I'm realizing how much I enjoy being outside in the fresh air tending our garden...a simple life.

I'm realizing how much I miss it when I can't take my walks. The treadmill just doesn't cut boring!

We're going to try IKEA this week so wish us luck!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, all of these. Especially the grocery thing. My big kids eat all the time, and I can't keep up. As soon as dinner's over, they're hungry again!

But I can always sleep in. 5:15-crazy!

jen medeiros said...

I remembered how much I LOVE Friday nights with my family when school is in session. Just staying home and eating pizza is a HUGE treat for us.

I realized that staying home is a big-enough-job for me at this time. I don't need to fill it with anything else....even volunteering very much. Did I just write that?

I also will NEVER like homework....and think it takes away from what kids should be doing after school...playing outside...and having some peace of mind.

I also miss blogging.

Rachel said...

I hear you on the cost of body work on cars and the rising cost of food. We had to replace a side mirror (just the glass part) last week to the tune of $80...ouch. And the grocery budget is a constant challenge.

I'm realizing I'm falling prey to perfectionism lately, and sadly due to blogs...I've come to want the best of all virtual worlds, the well-decorated home, the amazingly delicious and nutritious foods, the great vacations and outings I read about, the wonderfully structured and knowledge and life-giving homeschools, etc. And I'm realizing my less-than-perfect reality with the time and budget and season I am in really is good enough.

I'm realizing that I don't really like the onslaught of activity that fall brings. But I'm realizing that it is not all about introverted me and that I need to take some for the home team to allow, encourage and embrace my kids and their activities.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading this late so I've already forgotten what I learned which I guess means I didn't learn it but I just wanted to comment on the fact that I just had my van window fixed too! It was in a permanently down position which just wasn't conducive to our family's life. I thought it was funny since we'd shared cracked electronic pictures just recently as well. We're falling apart!! :)

Micah Jamie said...

-I realized I get way more grace than I give, and resolved to change that.
-I learned that swearing off sugar, caffeine and processed foods make you feel so much better...but sometimes when everyone else is dishing up bowls of ice cream, pulling through starbucks, and eating brownies made from a mix I can almost forget how much better I feel.
-I remembered there's not much worse than being the target of a mean girl in Jr. high...unless it's your DAUGHTER being targetted by a mean girl in Jr. high. God give me grace to hold my tongue!
-I remembered some wise words from my parents and realized how RIGHT they are. good parenting isn't easy & truly isn't for cowards and each child is vastly different. prepare accordingly :).
-I realized I see my soon to be 20 year old son through rose colored spectacles that make him perpetually appear 9-10yrs old. I also realized that my husband doesnt see him that way nor does the vast majority of society, so maybe I'm the one needing the eye exam?
-I learned a good nights sleep and cooler temps does wonders for a less than stellar attitude.

Gretchen said...

1. I realized that, as of September 1, I am OVER summer. It's been so rainy/steam-room hot that my kids are climbing the walls.

2. I realized (okay, remembered) that I have no self control when it comes to chocolate chip/pb cookies.

3. I realized that PMS is a very real issue this month. My poor family. Sigh.

I now realize that my #1 and #2 might be contributing factors to #3.

Angela said...

Wish we could chill and visit over a couple pumpkin spice lattes! Maybe someday!

sara said...

I realized that having the flu isn't the end of the world, but I sure wished it was for a while!!!

And I realized that I forgot pumpkin spice lattes were coming back soon!!! thx!