Thursday, November 10, 2011


#10: I'm thankful for these teenage girls. 

Sarah brought some friends over after school today. They're staying for dinner and I'm taking them to Wyldlife tonight. I love listening to them laugh and talk. They're sweet girls and they've been Sarah's friends for a while now. I love that they're comfortable at our house (like comfortable enough to open the pantry and grab a handful of chocolate chips)(or get a drink from the fridge) and that they talk to me! I enjoy having them around so much and I'm grateful for their presence in the life of our family!


Kecia said...

Friends like that are a treasure. Jessica has a new friend I just love--hoping for more times together for them!

Beth said...

That is a GREAT shirt! I hope for friends like this for my girl someday.

Emily said...

Teenagers are great! Luke and I met while working with a high school youth group- I look forward to the day of working with them again! They are a lot of fun!