Friday, November 11, 2011

Five on Friday

I'm copying my friend, Susan (aka CarpoolQueen), and her Five on Friday idea. I'll resume the thankfulness tomorrow...

1. I am sooooooooo glad it's Friday. Our weekend is going to be full of good things and good friends and I'm excited about it! Let the goodness begin!

2. Abbey and I ran to Kohl's last night to return some things. I guess while I was there I lost one of my favorite earrings. I'm so sad about it. I'm going to call them later and see if they possibly found it. Don't you hate it when you lose things you love!?! My earring might be lost, but I found some adorable Christmas pjs for my nephew while there last night. Gotta get them packaged up and mailed to my sister today!

3. We're not traveling for Thanksgiving. I'm sad to not be with our family but I know it was the best decision for us. John recently finished some big book projects and he's mentally, physically, and creatively drained. He wanted us to have the holiday break to spend time resting and recharging as a family (and let's face it, driving 2000 miles isn't really all that restful). So we're staying put. I'm cooking a big turkey dinner and we've invited some friends to join us. I'm looking forward to a week of family togetherness, and football, and possibly a trip to the mountains. And NO homework. Man, am I ready for a week of that!

4. This time change has really messed up my sleeping pattern. I usually wake up around 5-5:30 but since the time changed it's been more like 4-4:30. NOT COOL! Not cool at all. The good news is that I get a lot done in the mornings. The bad news is that I'm toast by 7:30pm. It's pathetic.

5. Today, I'm thankful for a lunch date with my favorite person in the whole wide world (#11)! I'm meeting John after I finish some stuff for work. We had to reschedule from earlier in the week and so I've been anticipating this all week. Yay, yay, yay!

Happy Friday, peeps! Hope your weekend is fallish and fun and full of things you love!


Brenda said...

Hey, I'm first commenter? Wow! The farthest we will travel for TG is from my bed to the kitchen!! Love it. But we will be going into Pueblo later to see the new Muppet's movie.

Stacy said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend, you always have some fun things planned, wish I could experience a hike with you, I live in East Texas, we are warmer than I prefer it to be in November... BTW, my daughter had a bit o honey in her candy bag, I thought of you!!! have a great weekend!

*carrie* said...

Preach it. I've also been waking up an hour early, and definitely feeling the impact. Like you said, love getting lots done before the fam is up, but I am super tired earlier than usual.

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

True story: I lost a tiny (worthless, lest you think it was diamonds or something) earring at Kohl's once, went back a week later, and they had it! Don't lose hope!

I'm sort of wishing we were staying home for Thanksgiving too. But we'll be packing up and driving to California. I'm not used to all this traveling and I'm getting tired! I'm missing my home! But it'll be good to be with family.

Gretchen said...

You had me at no homework. Might just be our 4-pack for Thanksgiving, this year. Hope you find that earring!

Jennifer said...

Hey Mer! Finally getting a chance to catch up on the blogs. Life has gotten so busy lately and I have to agree, I'm excited for the week off of school......6 days and counting! Just wanted to wish you and the family a very blessed Thanksgiving! :) Jennifer

jen medeiros said...

Hope your lunch date went well....I am sure it was the best!

I am doing ok. I am homeschooling my son for a while until we find the "right" school for him. Keep us in your can be challenging.

Hope your new job is going well.