Wednesday, November 09, 2011

#7, #8, #9

Blogging every day is not easy, y'all--which is why I find myself playing catch up with these Thankful Days posts.

#7 (Monday): I was thankful for an extra day of weekend!
The kids were out of school Monday. {Big happy sigh}Will spent Friday-Sunday at a Young Life Winter Camp so it was nice for him to have a catch-up day at home. We did homework, cleaned rooms, shopped, got haircuts, and just enjoyed the day together. I love three-day weekends! I wish we had three days of weekend all the time!

#8 (yesterday): I'm thankful for my son.
Will is a great kid. We've been pretty hard on him lately about grades and responsibility. He's still adjusting to the workload and expectations of high school and we're trying to help him him navigate some of this stuff. I'll be honest and tell you it's been pretty hard. Yesterday, however, I think we made a small breakthrough and it was so encouraging. For all of us.

I loved listening to him late Sunday afternoon telling us all about his weekend at camp. After he finished telling us his stories (a mix of hilarious and spiritual), he said "Thanks for letting me go, Mom and Dad." That was priceless.

Will is smart, funny, courageous, compassionate, and a great brother to his little sisters. I love that kid so much and am grateful I get to be his mom. 

#9: I'm thankful for my kids' teachers and for my Bible study group at church!
Today I'm helping with a teacher appreciation luncheon at the elementary school. I love that school and I L-O-V-E the teachers there. They've invested so much in my childrens' lives and I'm grateful.

Also grateful for the ladies in my Bible study group at church. I love Bible study days! We're studying The Patriarchs (love Old Testament!) and I'm continually amazed by how relevant these narratives are to my everyday life. 

It's gonna be a great (but very, very full) day. Are you grateful for anything in particular today?

*This post needs some pictures, but I'm out of time! Happy Hump Day!


Beth said...

my kids and I were just saying yesterday how we wish every weekend was a 3-dayer! wouldn't that be nice?

Brenda said...

I see your cup runneth over! I'm grateful for not having a busy schedule outside of the home.