Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Rats! Not one single Bit-O-Honey.

I'm not really tempted by Halloween candy. It's probably because I don't like chocolate. HOWEVER, I really do love Bit-O-Honey and Hot Tamales and Sour Patch Kids and ahem, we won't even mention candy corn. My kiddos dutifully dole out those treats from their Halloween haul to their sugar-deprived mother and I gladly receive them. But this year? Not one single Bit-O-Honey. Not one single pack of Hot Tamales. I walked away with one (ONE!) little packet of Sour Patch Kids. What is this world coming to? Ha! It's okay though. I'm still very careful about my sugar intake so I guess I should be thankful.

Here's some pics from our night of trick-or-treating.

Will was a Razorback fan (because in an effort to drive his mother crazy, he changed his mind at the last minute and we had to throw something/anything together) and Sarah was a yellow crayon. I made her costume and it was super easy! I think it turned out cute!

Abbey was a pirate (a really cute one, I might add) and I think her favorite part of the costume were the gold hoop earrings I let her wear.

Will and Sarah trick-or-treated with a posse of friends so I took Abbey around our neighborhood while John (aka Harry Potter) stayed home and passed out candy.

Yesterday was a day of fun and exhaustion. Can't believe today is November 1st, but I'm ready for the craziness of October to be behind me. October rivals December and May in terms of calendar busy-ness and I love how November lets me catch my breath a little before we head into the holidays!

Gotta run. Gotta fend off the kids wanting CANDY for breakfast! Have a great day, peeps.


Lauren said...

So cute!!!!!! I just got back from AR and let me tell you, those Hog fans don't mess around!!!!!!!! :)

*carrie* said...

Fun costumes, Mer. I'm impressed you made the crayon one!

My fave is Twix, and out of the kids' huge haul, there were just two. =( They've already sorted and counted everything, and suckers and Twizzlers were the most popular!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Wow ... that crayola costume turned out amazing!

Bit o' Honeys are my favorite! I thought I was the only one who loved them. They're increasingly hard to find, so I never expect to see them in my grandkids' Halloween loot.

Jennifer said...

At the beginning of your post, I was thinking how proud I was of you - resisting your favorite candy (as I looked at the two empty wrappers by my plate)... till I got to the end of the paragraph and realized that it was probably pretty easy to resist that which wasn't there! :) You look so great in your pic with the kids - this no/limited sugar deal works for you!

Gretchen said...

I want you to know i read your post and loved it. Loved the pics of the kids, but the take home message for me: I love your hair. It's a little longer, now, isn't it?

Leah said...

The costumes were cute and fun, your family is adorable, but YOU are a beautiful woman, Meredith! You look so great! Congrats! :)

Stacy said...

No one eats Bit O Honey anymore Meredith, haha! love the crayola costume!!`

Gretchen said...

Love, love love the costumes, eps. the crayon. Mer, you look AMAZING in that photo! So photogenic!

SZM said...

That is a beautiful photo of you! Your kids look adorable too!