Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Right now my house is way too quiet. Will is away at camp, John is at work, and the girls are still sleeping. Our plans for the day (the pool with friends) fell apart at the last minute due to the weather so I'm enjoying a very leisurely post-walk breakfast. I'm savoring it. I see many not-so-leisurely days in the very near future!

I've got a little chatty list going...

1. I had a free Redbox rental code yesterday and decided about 7pm that the girls and I should rent The Help. I went to my nearest Redbox, got the dvd, came home, put on my pjs, got all comfy on the love seat, and then the stupid dvd wouldn't play--and I tried my laptop too with the same results. John told us we could order the movie from our on-demand cable but it wasn't available. I was so disappointed. I chatted online with a Redbox representative and got two free rental codes as compensation, but I was really in the mood to watch that movie last night. Oh well.

2. I bought some new athletic shoes on Saturday. I'm particularly fond of Brooks Cascadia. I've worn Brooks for as long as I can remember because they fit my narrow feet so well and this particular style is perfect for the kind of terrain I tackle daily. I was NOT very fond of the only color option available. I texted John this pic on Saturday after I bought them.
They are an obnoxious blue and turquoise. Obnoxious. But I bought them because I'm brand loyal and they're tried and true. I'm hoping the trail dust will tone down the turquoise. 

3. I am getting really excited about football. Razorback football. NFL football. High school football. Fantasy football. You name it, I'm ready for it. 

4. I'm reading The Weird Sisters right now and I really like it. My friend, Kelly, recently asked me how I choose books. Honestly? I have no real method. I rarely buy books, but when I'm at the library I generally look for a title or cover to grab me. If one of those two appeal to me, I'll usually read the front flap and add it to my check-out pile or reject it immediately. I end up rejecting way more than I choose. Sometimes I'll read a book based on recommendations. A friend mentioned The Weird Sisters one evening while we were out walking and a few days later I saw it mentioned in a magazine at my hair salon. I stumbled upon it (quite by accident) on my last library trip and was intrigued by the title so I checked it out. How do YOU choose books? Read any good ones lately?

5. I started this post over an hour ago (in between loads of laundry, a text conversation, and bites of breakfast) and now one of my girlies is up and my morning isn't so quiet. She's telling me (in gory detail) about a show on Animal Planet called Infested. She just told me she doesn't think she can ever watch that show again. I think I'm about to lose my breakfast. Adios, friends. :)


Beth said...

I absolutely LOVED the weird sisters!! And I choose it purely based on the awesome green and white cover. :)

Elizabeth said...

I'm starting to grieve the end of our slow-paced summer. Like, real tears a few times. I love the structure of the school year, but the high-energy it requires of all of us gets me.

You'll laugh-The Weird Sisters looks good me, but when I looked at similar recommendations it's all books I'm either reading now or have requested. Basically, I need to read it!

Lindsay said...

I love the color of those running shoes. Hot pink & purple would be another combo I'd enjoy

Anonymous said...

I mainly read books based on suggestions from my reader friends. There are TOO many books and too little time- so I love to find a good book that way.

I am currently LOVING The Book Thief (forgot the author)....but I highly suggest it.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Ooh, I'll add that to my book list.

Adelaide has VERY narrow feet. We tease her all the time about her skis. hahaha

Gretchen said...

I choose books in pretty much the same way. Or, if I really dig an author, I'll obsessively try to find everything s/he's written, only to be vastly disappointed if the first book I loved was their debut novel (and then, I must wait).

Seattle vs Denver this weekend. Preseason, but still...it's football! I'll miss Tim, though. Might have to turn into a fair weather Jets fan.

An easy peasy lurvely read I just finished is Saving CeeCee Honeycutt. http://www.amazon.com/Saving-CeeCee-Honeycutt-A-Novel/dp/0670021393

Enjoy the last moments of your sweet summer, Mer.