Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clearing my head...

I'm should be working right now. I carved a chunk of time out of this morning to get some things accomplished but I'm having trouble concentrating on work. Maybe it's because it's so nice outside and I'd rather be out there soaking up the sun. Maybe it's because I'm really into the book I'm reading right now and I just want to finish it already. Or Maybe it's because I'm not feeling super great today--just slow and sluggish. Whatever the reason, I'm hoping that by typing some stuff here I can clear my head and get in my groove and get my work stuff wrapped up for this week, because hello? We've got a three-day weekend coming up!

I feel like I'm in a really good place in life right now. I remember telling a friend last winter that I just feel happy. I do, and it's good. There was a period in my life where depression stalked and threatened to overtake me but I feel like those days are in my far distant past. I feel healthy and I feel content, and I am so incredibly grateful I can say that. BUT...I have several friends right now who are in dark places. My heart hurts for them. I'd give anything to be able to fix things for them but I'm pretty helpless to do much more than pray, listen, or pass the Kleenex when the tears spill forth. It feels like there is so much suffering around me at the feels so heavy...and I hate it.

On a much lighter note, I had the sweetest conversation with Abbey this morning before school. One of my friends offered to pick Subway up for lunch and take it to Abbey at school since she was doing that for her kids too. She's a great friend and always doing nice things like that for me and my kids (though I'm 99.9% certain Abbey proposed this idea). The fact is that I love that Abb is comfortable enough around my friend to ask "hey, if you're bringing your kids some lunch, could you bring me some too?" I also cringe a little a lot, but mostly I love that she's comfortable. When I informed Abbey of her lunch treat today I told her to be sure to thank my friend profusely and tell her that she earned about ten-thousand cool-mom points. She looked at me, smiled, tilted her head and said, "Mom, I actually think of Mrs. Heather as one of my second moms." I asked her if she had a lot of second moms and she shook her head and said, "Not really. Just Aunt M, Aunt T, and Sarah. (pause) Mom, if something ever happened to you, Sarah could take good care of me. She knows how to do my hair really good." It just made my heart smile to know she has a bunch of second mamas who love her. And she never has to worry about her hair. :)

I should get back to work...
Happy Thursday!


Gina said...

If anything ever happened to you, you would want her hair to look nice, wouldn't you?
I am glad you are feeling healthy. I had a few years of really bad seasonal depression after my 5th baby was born. I, too, am feeling strong and healthy again, but there are always days that the funk sneaks up behind me and wraps itself around my leg and makes me drag it along all day.
I managed to redo my girls'room (while they are spending a week away). I just took a lunch break and now I need to go finish with all the stuff I dragged out of their room. Now I must drag myself away from Blogger, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Gretchen said...

So I just caught up on a month worth of bloggy goodness. Your blog always makes me happy. Yes, as a mom of two girls, I agree that it would be important for SOMEONE to help them make good hair choices. ;)

I've loved catching up with you this evening. Your Color Run looked AMAZING. I don't like to run, but I think I'd like that kind!
Your kiddos are growing up SO incredibly fast. Loved seeing all of your sweet summer memories unfold. Sending hugs as you get back into the groove of the school year.

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

Hope you had a nice three day weekend. We certainly enjoyed ours.