Monday, August 06, 2012

Monday musings

I need summer to slow down. We still have two complete weeks before school begins but they're going to fly by. Especially next week. I'm starting to feel sad. I wish summer lasted longer. Sigh.

We sent Will off to cross-country camp in Winter Park today. I'm afraid that kid is in for a rude awakening. We've been trying to get him to run all summer and he's protested wildly, just like you'd expect a 15-year-old boy to do. He's hit the trail half a dozen times in the last three weeks but they're going to be running 60 minutes a day (at a much higher altitude) this week. I'm pretty sure he's going to wish he'd listened to his mother. But I'm also sure he'd never admit that.

After we dropped him off for camp, the girls and I went to buy school supplies. I'm happy to report that we got everything on our list at ONE store. That might be a back-to-school miracle. My two high-schoolers don't get a supply list until the first day of school so we bought some things they anticipate needing + some things that are always hard to find once school has begun. Keep your fingers crossed that we got everything covered.

Last week we went to Santa Fe for a few days. John had to go for work and agreed to let us tag along. We LOVE Santa Fe. It's one of our favorite places to visit and the food isn't so shabby either. Green chilies, anyone? I asked John to try to find a hotel close to the plaza with an outdoor pool and a free breakfast and man, did he deliver! It was perfect. And relaxing.

 Our fabuloso hotel!
Waiting for dinner at The Shed. We hit most of our favorite dining spots and even added a new one that will join our favorites list!

(CanNOT wait for TJ's to open in Colorado!)

Two of my more observant friends have noticed that I'm no longer on Facebook and have emailed me about it. The night we returned home from Santa Fe, I deactivated my account. It's not permanent and I'll be back but I just needed a break from some of the noise in my life. I want to be intentional about enjoying these last weeks of summer without distractions, and if I'm honest, Facebook is a huge distraction. I often joke that it creates ADD-like characteristics in me but joking aside, it's true. I already feel more focused and definitely more free (not to mention productive)!

Alrighty. Gotta get a few things crossed off of today's list so we can play tomorrow! Y'all have a great week. 

OH, if you want to cheer for our local friend in the Olympics, today is her qualifying round for the Women's 1500M on Friday. I don't know if it's televised this afternoon or tonight (or even at all) but watch for Jenny Simpson. Today is the qualifying round, Wednesday is the semi-final, and Friday is the final. GO JENNY, GO!


HappyTrails said...

Santa Fe is one of our faves!!! We have stayed at Inn of the Governors, too. And Trader Joes - well, that's a destination in itself - we LOVE Trader Joes!!! :-) And you are right - the summer has gone by WAY too quickly!

Emily said...

I love Sante Fe! Looks like you had a great time.

Enjoy your last two weeks of sommer : )

Emily said...
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Lindsay said...

I might miss you on FB but love your blog entries.

lisabella said...

What a small world. The family I babysit for is friends with Jenny Simpson as well!

Is there going to be a TJ's? I'd heard about the one in Boulder but after a while all the talk petered out. Their website doesn't say anything about a store opening there!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

I haven't been to Santa Fe since 2nd grade. But I remember that being a REALLY fun trip.

I was IN the YMCA locker room when she ran her race and she qualified! I noticed it because they mentioned she was from CO. so cool!!